The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Why so dead, LJ?

Is everyone out of town for Veteran's Day? Or holding silent protest over the terrible changes to the LJ profile pages?

Got my yuletide assignment. Groaned over it for the requisite amount of time, because while you all know I love the slash, the request is to slash characters whom I just don't see going that way. I'm fixating on the one request, because I've never heard of any of the other fandoms and I somehow suspect Anime or the like. :0 I imagine I'll give this the college try, and if I can't succeed then I'll wind up writing a Gen piece (as far as I can tell, that's permitted).

At the gym today, I read the August Rolling Stone issue that featured Robert Downey Jr. I have SUCH an inappropriate attraction to him, seriously. He's unstable and a little scary, and I could weep for his childhood, but... Hot-hot-hot-hot-hot!

I liked the storytelling method of last night's Sarah Connor Chronicles-- restarting over parts of the plot and filling in from different character POVs. Got the urge to kick John Connor again, was once more highly distracted by the way Garret Dillahunt's mouth forms an "M" when he talks, and fervently hoped to see more of Ellison in future episodes because I like that character. What I really enjoy is when he has conversations with the evil mistress of ZeiraCorp-- between his smooth and her Scottish accent, I want as much dialogue between those two as possible. Who cares about the plot?

For Chuck, I was hoping the season's advertised same-sex kiss would be more hot and less begrudged. I'm very happy that it was Chuck/Casey, though I'd have been happy with Chuck/Awesome or Chuck/Bryce too. The show does not lack for goodlooking men, I'll say that! Just so long as it wasn't Chuck/any-Buy-More-dude (I was kind of dreading that possibility), or the ratings-booster girlslash moment). What do you suppose the fallout of Buster Emmet throwing away Chuck's CPR test will be? And randomly... I'm starting to form a deep admiration for the deranged genius of the acting style of the guy who plays Jeff. Seriously!

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