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05 November 2008 @ 06:29 pm
What I wrote in October  
What, you thought I'd get to this last weekend? Between driving around chasing a cancelled soccer game and putting together a desk and averting my eyes from the kids' plastic pumpkins bursting with candy? Ha!

I covered lots of ground last month. The boys are overdue for some porning, which I'm sure you've noticed. About to remedy that for one pair in a few minutes, and the other is on my list for writing during mini_wrimo.

Supernatural Gen:
This Bitter Road (PG, Drama, Pre-4x01) For brynwulf's birthday: Dean is gone, and it's no easier than the first time that happened.
A Pig And No Poke (PG, Crack) Dean/Miss Piggy, Sam: For win_non_con, with the real story behind that encounter.
Amateurs Everywhere You Go (PG-13, Humor) SPN/Reaper Crossover: (S3) The Winchester boys run into the Work Bench crew on a mission.

Bedtime Battles For Adults (PG) For wendy, the boys and reading in bed, and the inevitable bickering.
No Saviors But Ourselves (PG) The serious 'Once Upon A Time' drabble for win_non_con
From The Treasury Of Least-Loved Fairytales (PG) The crack 'Once Upon A Time' drabble, for same.
Life Moves Faithlessly Forward (PG, Drama) - Three drabbles for Bobby, Sam and Dean on 4x01.

Supernatural Slash:
Freeing That Long-Held Breath (PG-13) Early S4 drabble for tabularassa, It feels like it's been forever since he was with Sam just like this…
Seriously, No (PG-13) "Hell-House" coda for huggenkiss' birthday: Even after the truce, the effects of the prank war still linger on…

Prison Break Gen/Other:
Nine Innings Of The Right Kind Of Nothing (PG) All-dialogue Michael and Lincoln fluff for msgenevieve's birthday.

Iron Man: Revived, Rebuilt, Reborn (PG-13) Tony/Rhodey one-sided slash: Everything Tony Stark has never been is now possible with a new beginning.
Picspam and humor, feature my kids: My Two Daughters