The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

The Weekend That Was...

Halloween was fun— a little rain, but nothing the umbrellas couldn't handle. Lauren went off with her friends to trick-or-treat elsewhere (*cries*), so we just had Darth Vader Christopher. Mr. Life-of-the-Party was surprisingly subdued without his sister. We went down our immediate street (the neighbors we know), which was as quiet as our house. Then we went farther down the neighborhood to where everyone else was, the blocked-off streets that go berserk. The Pirates of the Carribean house, with the cannons in the dormer windows and animated pirates and treasure displays, was fantastic. \o/ Done shortly after 8pm, though, because Christopher always poops out right around his bedtime.

Saturday was Christopher's soccer game (theoretically). It was raining, and after going to the wrong place, having the car drive away to fetch Christopher's sports goggles, and then going to the right place... we found out our game was cancelled because the school that owned the property didn't want the field destroyed. Other games went on as scheduled. Too bad we all got up early for that game. :(

Then I took over assembling Lauren's new desk from HalfshellHusband, which was a lengthy project. Our family movie was The Game Plan (featuring The Rock— funnier than we expected), and then our date movie was Starter For Ten (James McAvoy, also better than expected).

Sunday I took Lauren to the mall to redeem her birthday gift of a shopping spree. Buying clothes for her is a challenge— she hates things that are too "busy" (me too), hates lace and ruffles/gathers (itchy), and turtlenecks. What suits her 'sportswear casual' style is things like polo shirts and henleys, BUT she hates buttons (I keep telling her not to lean on them, but the issue remains). She brought home a Keroppi and a Pandapple from the Sanrio store. There is also a new creature, Kuromi, who wants to be bad but is too cute to succeed (I have no idea what kind of animal she's supposed to be). Thanks to the current Keroppi, Kuromi and Chococat craze, there was almost no Badtz Maru stuff. :(
(Keroppi, Pandaple, Kuromi, and Badtz)

The trip was great, but 4 hours on my feet ate our daylight and ruined my plans to run later. I biked in the garage instead (my knees!) and ran tonight— in the rain. Yay me! And yick!

Tomorrow, I vote. I'm a little concerned because it's my usual polling place— I sure hope they've opened more for this election! Nonetheless, I'll bring a book. And if it takes a really long time, I may be working at home to save the 70-minute roundtrip commute time. :0

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