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Birthday Thanks!

Finally, I can use this icon for my own birthday. :)

I'm so behind in posting this-- it's been a crazy day and weekend, and I can finally read all the lovely greetings and ficlets and visit the virtual gifts from all of you. Thank you so much! I'll be updating with details as I go.

Yesterday was soccer, family chores, exercise, and logging in to find out I had work to do for my drac_suite team for the win_non_con Treasure Hunt! We went out for a pre-birthday dinner and movie date (yay!), and then I started working on my assignments at around 10pm. By 2:30am I had to call it quits because we had a trip planned for today.

Checked on the team this morning around 10am (ack-- the deadline, as it turned out!), and then we had a family trip to Apple Hill for crafts, fresh donuts, caramel apples, some cider, and... not so much with the pumpkin purchases. Wonderful trip, and a great dinner at home with cake and presents. Plus, family phone calls.

While I was away, SO many wonderful people sent virtual LJ gifts and posted greetings and ficlets.

dotfic, particlesofgale, thehighwaywoman, deirdre_c, dhvana, tuesdaeschild, destina, heliokleia, jasmason, and wendy, sent virtual balloons, champagne, party hats, cupcakes, and a party tape for a fabulous and complete celebration. But the best part, honestly, was reading your messages with the gifts. Your words touched me deeply. :)

I heard from deadbeat_nymph, trueshellz, pixel_0, dove95, gekizetsu, huggenkiss, laser_radiation, lissa_bear, gatheringlight, jasmasson, wrldpossibility, lampshade_days, strifechaos, and heliokleia, some via email, some via posts or LJ messages. All of you had such heart-warming things to say, and I really appreciated them.

happywriter06 made me a Sam and Dean collage, and lady_iz created Dominic and Wentworth virtual card for me. I also got a cupcaked Sam and Dean from huntress69, and a Dean-based virtual card from jolietjones! \o/

badboy_fangirl gave me Dominic Purcell picspam, as she is one of the other ladies from the Prison break fandom who was always more obsessed with Lincoln than Michael. That post shows why I like to call Dominic walking!ManSex.

msgenevieve wrote me a wonderful Michael and Lincoln drama ficlet about one of my favorite Season 1 moments.
ethereal_flaim braved the SPN-verse to write a Season 4 Sam and Dean ficlet with moodiness, questions and compromised regrets.

iamastealthyone wrote this Sam and Dean drabble, which pulls you in and then twists on you and is somehow perfectly Sam and Dean to the end.

rosie_spleen wrote SPN AU Crack for me, with added metaphorical abuse FTW. :D

wenchpixie wrote softly-stated J2 RPS schmoop, with Night Breezes Seem To Whisper (PG-13). It gave me such a warm, happy feeling. :)

Also, an anonymous person gave me two months of paid LJ time, which was so sweet and unexpected! Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity!

Thank you, one and all, for such a lovely birthday. What a fantastic group of friends you are!

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