The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Coding breakthrough (yay!) after 1.5 days of struggle. And I think I've finally silenced my co-worker, who's been making me nuts:

FlailDude: "Wait, I found a problem in the ASIC! So your software solution for this other problem won't work at all, and we're doomed!"
Me: "The software solution is unaffected, because even the regular case has this problem. So this is no worse."
FlailDude: "But I found a problem in the ASIC, and we're doomed!"

It's really hard to get him to the point of, "Focus on the larger problem. We can scale back or do workarounds for imperfections. Let's see what's left that's still valuable."

My usual work-at-home computer is pretty old and it started grinding and throwing blue-screens last week (!). So, I've been using the newer one today and Wednesday, which doesn't have a docking station. I.e., I really am stuck with that micro screen and crappy keyboard, at a non-ergonomic angle. My back is killing me, and my email/browsers are all in micro-font!

So I've been typing all day with the unresponsive keyboard, such as,

Cut off remainder-of-line with (Shift-D). (Shift-D). (SHIFT-D)!!!!!11!!!

When I get emails containing my comments, I see the evidence: "Seriously, that's what I typed? Augh!"

For which I apologize. Because part of the reason I didn't catch those the first time was that I couldn't really see them! Micro-font and crappy keyboard-- what a lousy combination. :0

Right now, I'm rushing back and forth to the oven, making bakesale treats for the school's Halloween Carnival. One local school decided against a bake sale, because their PTA won't permit "Non-health-department-approved items". THAT pertains to a new law, courtesy of our California legislature, where all school treats/etc. must be individually-packaged things from (basically) grocery stores. Expensive, lousy-tasting stuff. Yes, THIS is what our legislature concerns itself with. Meanwhile, it's October and we still don't have a state budget (due in June). :@

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