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It's My Monday again...

The weekend's over, and I got bought at Sweet Charity by three lovely ladies-- jasmasson and tsuki_no_bara for the fics, and jeyhawk for the beta services. I've got my marching orders from Jas already, and I'm curious to see what Cindy's going to want me to write. :D

Saturday, we watched Christopher's soccer team lose their 6th game, but it was the best they've played this season. There was a small disaster early on (I commented that our assist to the OTHER team was the best we'd had all year), but things picked up. The lack of passing (and being in position) has been killing our offense this year. It's like Kindergarten bunch-ball all over again. Christopher is playing really well, though, and he scored his first goal in years (last year, he played mostly defense). This was a 4-3 loss, which definitely beats the 4-1, 3-0, 5-0 losses.

One thing I dislike about this level of play is the "offsides" rulings. I understand, say, penalizing a team whose backfield players cross the center line. They're out of their zone. But I don't get this thing of "your player got between the last defensive player and the goal." WTF? If the other team's defenders lag behind, well, too bad. That shouldn't be your team's problem. In basketball, they call that a fast-break play and it's beautiful! Grrr...

Christopher discovered a new Pokemon character this weekend. Can you guess what it is?

"Shaymin"-- the Pokemon hedgie!

The funny thing is, despite the flower, Christopher assumes this creature is male. Almost all of his stuffed toys are 'male'-- they're Daddies with babies. It's the sign of a new age! Lauren, OTOH, still thinks Piglet is female and probably also Tweety-bird (Hey, if you've ever heard Tweety's cartoon voice, you wouldn't think that for long).

We re-watched Iron Man this weekend. The scenes with the robots are still some of my favorites: "If you douse me one more time when I'm not actually on fire, I'm donating you to a community college." I also love Jarvis arguing with Tony about the suit parameters: "What WAS I thinking? You're usually so discreet."

People who know my love of slash will not be surprised that I like the Tony/Rhodey idea very much. In the movie, I very much like Tony with Pepper as well, but for fiction I don't want to read about it. That's often the case for me.

BTW, weeks ago we saw Ghost Town, and loved it. It's almost a 1940s-flavored comedy, and not at all what I expected. For instance, Greg Kinnear is not the male lead. The character who is... let's just say, his incredible lack of social skills is like a train-wreck in progress (on repeat!), and it never stops being gloriously awful. ;)

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