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03 October 2008 @ 05:38 pm
SPN 4x03, "The Beginning"  
This episode didn't start well for me, but eventually it pulled me in thoroughly. Yay!

The actor they cast as John was a great physical match-- those eyes!-- but WTF was up with that accent? He had that pseudo-Brooklyn rising inflection on the end of his sentences like the Aussies actors use in "Without A Trace," and it's wrong and unnecessary. JDM uses a little bit of a drawl for his character, and the YoungJohn actor's from Florida. It really irked me.

A lot of people liked Dean steering John toward the Impala, but since John was a mechanic son of a family of mechanics (fanon becomes canon?) he should have recognized its value on his own.

I also found YoungMary kind of dippy at first, and the kick-boxing scene in the alley with Dean... not the fighting style I expect a Midwestern anybody to know in that era, especially a girl.

The idea of her being a hunter really bugged me at first. Maybe it was the feeling of being Jossed, or as if Kripke was trying to resurrect Jo once again (the actress looks a lot like her). I don't know. The idea that Sam and Dean would be named after her parents, and no-one would have mentioned that earlier to the boys seemed really 'off' to me.

But then Mitch Pileggi started to win me over, with his hardass "Just Like John Winchester" behavior (oh, the irony). By the time we got to the last part of the episode, I could not contain myself. Oh, Mitch-- finally you get a chance to work it. The YED is a fun, fun part to play. :D

The tonsil-hockey with Mary at the end... yick. That seemed wrong and unnecessary, somehow. Did the demon go that route with the farmboy too? And did the farmboy's deal involve killing his father, because the father beat up the mother? Where would it have gone for the woman the demon was visiting? Or would she have bargained for her husband's life? Seems like the YED might be cutting into the Crossroads Demons' action a little bit.

Now, one of the things I loved about this episode were the ways in which Destiny is Destiny is Destiny. The things you try to prevent will happen all the same-- Mary will be compelled to make her choice for reasons you can't foresee, and once you discover why she makes it... you'd have to let her.

In many ways, this is like the question of Sam turning toward a path of darkness. Dean and Sam both worried about this in Season Two, and the demon took Sam and tried to make him fight to lead the demon army. In the end, Sam was killed, and the demon's plan didn't work. But because Dean brought Sam back from death, and paid his own life over as the price, Dean's own death made Sam turn in despair and frustration toward the powers the demon had given him.

I.e., Sam is heading toward that same dark future, even if he's arriving there sideways.

I do find it strange that Castiel told Dean he was being sent back to prevent something from happening ("You have to stop it"), and in fact already knew that Dean could only witness but not change what happened. It constitutes lying, and that doesn't fit with anything we've heard about angels. Or to summarize... it's careless writing.

I'll spare you the obviousness of Sam running off in a car with Ruby 2.0 for the episode and how that must work in really well with Jared's filming schedule. :( I don't like that, actually-- the boys' primary jobs are working on Supernatural, and they ought to expect to be present for filming all the episodes. I know, I know-- their agents probably work this out with the SPN producers. Nonetheless, it's the principle of the thing!

Back to your regularly scheduled "Dean cries so pretty" and "Mitch had too many clothes on" and "Castiel is hot in an aloof kind of way" discussions. ;)

iontasiontas on October 4th, 2008 01:58 am (UTC)
I think that when Castiel told Dean he had to stop it he meant Dean had to stop Sam from fulfilling Azazel's plan. First he used the past to explain everything to Dean. I don't think that Angel/human communications are very smooth for Castiel. It sounded like it doesn't happen that often. Plus since Dean can be a hard sell, he had to find a quick way to convince Dean of the problem and its origin.
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors: Sam & Dean Genhalfshellvenus on October 4th, 2008 02:04 am (UTC)
Ooh, I like this idea very much.

Having been at the beginning, Dean now knows Azazel's plan directly (instead of via seers and rumors), and he knows why his mother made the choice she did-- and how Sam and the other 'Special Kids' were affected by it.

I agree with your comment about Castiel and angel/human communications. ;)

One of the things I like about him is that while he's aloof and cool and sincere, he's also kind of socially clueless. That probably amuses me more than it should. :D