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Supernatural Gen Fiction: "Life Moves Faithlessly Forward" (PG, Drabbles)

Title: Life Moves Faithlessly Forward
Author: HalfshellVenus
Characters: Bobby, Sam, Dean (Gen, Drama, Drabbles)
Rating: PG
Summary: (4x01) Burying Dean was the end and the beginning…
Author's Notes: Spoilers for the S4 premiere. These three drabbles were written for the supernatural100 "Truth" challenge.


The look on Sam's face when he came out of that house… Bobby couldn't forget it, any more than seeing Dean dead and bloody on that floor.

He'd helped Sam move Dean to the Impala, but Sam had drawn the line after that. He never told Bobby anything more—hardly spoke to him on the phone, even—and Bobby thought Sam probably blamed him.

He blamed himself. He knew he'd failed them both.

The boys were like family by then, and losing them… Nothing to do but drink until something was different.

The bottle, at least, would never judge him.

Burying Dean was the end and the beginning. Sam had lived it once before.

The ache of the aftermath swallowed days before yielding to a duller pain. The unfairness of the Trickster-engineered death was gone, but guilt waited in its place. All for Sam—everything, always, this.

Guilt forced him to survive.

The whisper of power that had held off Lilith spoke of secrets to be learned. Sam sought and used them, driving the shadows away. In the gray world left to him, he owed his explanations to no-one.

That promise to Dean finally became as empty as Sam's heart.

The world was too bright—desert-white and piercing, it burned behind Dean's eyes.

The blasted earth, the fallen trees and abandoned streets, spoke of a holocaust or a lie. In a tailor-made Hell, Dean would always be alone. This dust-ridden tumbleweed town revealed nothing.

The assault of noise and shattering glass added to the mystery, more details lost on Dean's blurry consciousness.

Only after hot-wiring a car and finding traffic on the road—living towns and cities stretching clear to Bobby's house—could Dean admit it:

He was back—alive again. No idea how, but he was a walking miracle.

--------- fin --------

Tags: drabbles, my_fic, sn_gen, spn_ep_based_fic
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