The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Sunblock Serenade

For varying reasons of cost, efficacy, and oiliness, I now have and use 3 different kinds of sunblock. None of the containers look like each other, but that doesn't mean none of them resemble other things. That's how I wound up sunblocking my face with saddle cream today:

This smells kind of funny. Huh. And it's really greasy. Wait— augh! Yuck!

Years ago, when all sunblock maxed out a 25-30SPF and it was hard to find even that, I worked through three different kinds over a summer. Those were

Sundown: Evil-smelling, like carpet glue (which stinks like black beetles to me). Worked really well.
Coppertone: Inoffensive smell, and it worked.
Ban de Soleil: Smelled really great, hardly worked at all.

Dear-departed-Thor, the cat we had then, also had opinions on the sunblock based on its smell:

Sundown: There's a cat-killer on the loose! Flee the room!
Coppertone: You can sit by me as long as you don't touch me.
Ban de Soleil: Sure, go ahead and pet me. I love being petted!

I wish Hawaiian Tropics worked better and was less greasy. Because I love the smell of that— Mmmmmm... beach. :)

Tags: humor, me, my_cats

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