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SPN 4x02 and other things

Christopher and a friend are involved in some recess fantasy about being members of the Fett bounty-hunting family from Star Wars. Yes, Josh and Chris Fett. A few illustrations have come home, but now also the beginnings of a story, which starts off as,

Chapter 1: My employer is a Giant Slug.

Ahahahaha! You know, that's how I've always thought of Jabba the Hut too.

Today's cycling was littered with squirrels (god, I hate nut-gathering season-- all 3 types of squirrels are out running amok), and I think I need to start wearing Breathe Rite strips for awhile (season change). I hate my nose-- I am almost always congested, but since I don't have allergies the treatment is limited...

Posted my kamikazeremix story over at, in the hopes that more than 2 people will read it. BUT, and this is one of the things I hate about, I cannot figure out how to format a link to the original story that the story-parser does not destroy. Gah! I've been through the line-spacing battle many times, and I've given up on the "don't strip my underscores" battle. But that parser drives me nuts. :(

Brief thoughts on SPN 4x02, maybe 50-60% "yay":

So, if you read yesterday's post you probably know this is exactly where I did NOT want the show to go. The Apocalypse subplot has been done to death for me, and I tend to find it more cracktastic than "awesome" or "serious business." It's funny-- I've read it in a few SPN fics, and I've really liked it there, but I don't want to actually see it on the show. Maybe I think the Apocalypse should be a low-dialogue event. I don't know. All I can say is, I would like SPN canon to show some love for its characters more often and to torture them less.

Because I love them, and it tortures me as well to keep watching one form of Imminent Doom after another looming over the Sam and Dean storyline.

Also, speaking selfishly, it makes it much harder to write fanfic that isn't set in S1 or S2. You can always get the good angst out of S3 and beyond, but not so much the fun little adventures and such. There's always this pall of "There's no adventuring! Sam's-Doom/Dean's-Death/The-Friggin'-Apocalypse is coming. Now pay attention and get serious!"

I did very much love seeing Victor (yay!) again, and I really loved how happy Dean was to see Ron (until he realized that wasn't going to turn out well). Meg got in so many great digs at Dean, and twisted the knife (as it should have been twisted!) over the boys never trying to exorcise the demon that possessed her as their first plan of attack.

I loved Bobby's Panic Room (The Anti-Evil Silo)-- that was a creation of utter awesomeness! I loved the surprise introduction of a female hunter, whom we unfortunately lost immediately.

But I'm not loving the "God has plans for you" and "You'd better believe, or else" thing going on with Castiel. And the rest of the episode became a lot of repetitive flailing to me about half-way through. I expect better, especially after three seasons. The Anvils were falling so fast it was actually distancing me from the show. :0

In sum: I love the boys, I love Bobby, and I was seriously hoping Castiel was going to turn out to be a demon-in-disguise and not an actual angel, so this plot arc wouldn't drag on too long. Looks like that's not where things are headed. :(

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