The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

The "Do 'Em" Meme

Yep, it's my list o' Hotties. Many of them will not come as a surprise...

My Purrsonal Hotlist, in no particular order:

1. Dominic Purcell
2. Wentworth Miller
3. Jensen Ackles (increases in direct proportion to proximity to Jared Padalecki)
4. Tom Welling
5. Orlando Bloom
6. Eric Bana
7. Taye Diggs
8. Mario Van Peebles
9. George Clooney
10. Pierce Brosnan (sans beard)
11. Josh Hollaway
12. Naveen Andrews
13. John Lone (no idea what he looks like now, but can't be that different)
14. Hugh Jackman
15. Hugh Grant
16. Brad Pitt (sorry)
17. Nathan Fillion
18. Goran Visnjic
19. Matthew McConaughey (sorry)
20. Johnny Depp.

Beautiful to look at, but not "hot" to me
1. Orlando as Legolas
2. Daniel Dae Kim (nearly perfect in every possible way)
3. Siddig el Fadil (Alexander Siddig). Those.Eyes.

Hotties in Past Contexts
1. Hart Bochner, "Apartment Zero" timeframe. Fuck.Me.
2. Willem Dafoe, "Plattoon" timeframe.
3. Omar Sharif, "Laurence of Arabia" timeframe. *God*. Peter Who?
4. Rupert Everett, "Another Country" or "My Best Friend's Wedding" timeframe (although I'd have to be a guy, or else he'd kick me to the curb)

You can see that PrisonBreak wins out big. And that, whatever the artistic details, "Troy" wins the Trifecta for me!

Now's the part where I tag 5 6 other people.

Tag: dhvana, thelana, mooyoo, tyrical, quincykat, clex_monkie89

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