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Late Nights, SPN, and Lego Batman

I saw an ad last night for a Lego Batman video game! It's so cute, with the little pointy bat-head on the Lego character, and it has Lego Joker too. I said, "Christopher is going to have to buy this," and HalfshellHusband said, "Forget Christopher—I want to buy it!"

My work extended into late-night flail last night, with an email that said, "We're going to have to change the memory scheme for this certain case" (the case which is causing a bug). I went immediately to, "The memory scheme that I mentioned might be at fault over a month ago (following a meeting on the subject last year), but was told instead was not a problem and that I should stop implying that it might be?That memory scheme?" Argh. At least management knows what happened there.

Tonight's another Supernatural episode, and I have a few thinky-thoughts on that below.

First, I liked last week's episode very much except for some "ew" about the implications of Sam sleeping with Ruby (her underwear pose in the motel room) and about the actress playing Ruby 2.0 in general. I'm a firm believer that there are enough pretty people available for casting that there's no reason to ever hire one who reads their lines like they don't understand what the words mean.

I'm not so thrilled with the angel-rescuing-Dean idea (though I'm glad somebody did!) I get stuck on a few problem points, e.g.,

  • You work for an omnipotent being, and it took you four months to get around to Dean? Is there a paperwork backlog in Heaven or what?

  • You'd better be fixing up that body Castiel's borrowing. If you can fix Dean, you can fix that body. And I'm not happy that you didn't clarify that either.

  • Along with many of you, I'm wondering if 'Castiel' is indeed an angel, or if he's a demon in disguise. I'd actually be more happy with the latter, which leads me to my next point:

    I don't do well with story arcs that involve the Big Good and the Big Evil. I don't mind the lesser good and evil, i.e., the idea of disorganized beings chipping away at the status quo and working their little schemes.

    But I don't care for the larger schemes at all. They tend to seem heavy-handed and silly to me, and if they take over the show that's all the worse in my book.

    Carnivale: I just started S2, and we went from "Ooh, two people with mystery powers—what does it mean?" to "DemonMan will destroy mankind unless you stop him! Because of him there will be atom bombs that haven't even been invented yet and have absolutely nothing to do with his role in anything, but it will happen unless you take your part in this Epic Battle!"

    X-Files: Cancer-man and the oilians are involved with a plot that culminates in a spaceship washing up in Africa, with Navajo language written on it. Or something. (When that aired, HalfshellHusband said, "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" And I said, "Yah-ta'ay, Earthling." Seriously, Chris Carter, what the hell?)

    If Supernatural turns into anything like Dean sides with the Big Good, but Sammy's getting drawn toward the Big Bad, and they find themselves at war with each other… ugh. I can see how Kripke might think of that as epic, but it's not why I watch the show, you know? I'm here for the love story of Sam and Dean against everything else, not against each other.

    Okay. I think I’m ready for tonight, though a little nervous. *crosses fingers*

    On a shallow note, Mischa Collins is really pretty and he does at least look like an angel. And on a less shallow note, it looks like Bobby lost a little weight while he was pining over Dead Dean and his failure to stop that. It only makes me love Bobby more, as if that were even possible!

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