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Slashy Weekend, Slashy Recs...

It was a slashy weekend, thanks to finding a couple of new comms. There's the_funvee (Tony/Rhodey Iron Man slash), which I stumbled upon after I wrote that pairing for someone else. I also discovered chuck_slash, which I utterly see the point of now that I'm catching up on S1, though I think there could be a little more Chuck/Awesome slash in addition to the Chuck/Casey slash.

But I also read more Lochte/Phelps RPS slash, and at this point I'm ready to share some recs with you for this last pairing.

The Rules Trilogy (NC-17) by hackthis. This three-part story is fantastic, and it sticks with me for many reasons. The characterizations are really good (a distinct flavor of believable), and there's humor and a variety of well-written porn scenes throughout. But what I found really unusual about it, which lends a twinge of angst, is that Phelps and Lochte are very much guys in here—not people who happen to be men (as I and many other slash writers more often depict them), but guys. Breaking-furniture-with-each-others'-bodies, half-killing-each-other-during-sex, any-form-of-sexual-intimacy-but-kissing (ow, my heart!), miscommunicating, on-and-off-assholes-you'd like-to-punch, honest-to-god guys.That's rare in slash (which is usually written by women), and even more rare that the reader still finds the characters worth hoping for.

One Tequila, Two Tequila (NC-17) by scarlett_o and skewedview is another gem. All humor and hotness, this one starts off with a casual dare and then things escalate into oblivion. Features slashy goodness, cracks about Russian Olympic judges, and too much alchohol, and it's just funny as hell. Something for everyone!

Break Even (R) by peirsol_fan is in complete contrast to the other two stories mentioned here. It's quiet, fully of easy poetry and with a structure that echoes all of its previous parts. In the end, the hint of romance is the merest whisper. This is classically beautiful storytelling.

Hope you enjoy these, and if so then please leave some love for the authors!

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