The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

There's that fantastic Fall Fandom Free-For-All going on, and I finally got my want-list in here. Took me long enough! But other than some immediate banner desires (like, a LOT) I couldn't think of enough for 10 things. So I forced myself today-- should have done it earlier and listed just the major ones.

Now I'm scrolling back through the list to see what I can offer someone else in the way of gifts. So many fandoms I've never heard of!

We went to Marineworld yesterday for a family outing (or "Discovery Kingdom," as I guess it's calling itself these days). Lauren & I tried out the new Tony Hawk roller-coaster ride (so close to urk, but not quite, and some of it was fun). Christopher has passed over the height limit for the little kids' section, which is too bad-- those rides are more his speed. However, he enjoyed the water fountain thing added last year, and the raft ride that was either added recently or we really haven't covered much of the park lately. :0

Saw Righteous Kill Saturday night. Not as predictable as it first appeared, thank goodness, and it was great to see DeNiro and Pacino together in leading roles. Suddenly I have the urge to put Midnight Running in my Netflix queue, so we can watch DeNiro and Charles Grodin irritate each other all over again. Good times...

Also saw Traitor a few weeks back. Excellent role for Don Cheadle, and a nicely unfolding story with a little bit of mystery to it.
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