The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Dear LJ...

What a weekend.

My parents were here on Saturday, and we went to Christopher's soccer game (lost), I shopped for kids' party favors, and we went two rounds of "So what do we know about LittleSister's boyfriend? Has he been married? Does he have children?" before I pulled out the "It doesn't matter because it's none of our business. We don't get a vote in this." card.

Sunday was Christopher's party. I decorated the Star Wars-themed cake right up through the first ½ hour of the party while the boys were smacking each other around with pool toys under HalfshellHusband's supervision and refereeing. Everyone had a great time, and no real injuries resulted. Then I went for a bike ride in the 100-degree heat and had a tube blowout 9 miles in. That's a first! A nice visiting medical student stopped to keep me company while I fixed it, and I gave her big info on the bike trail and where to buy a decently-priced helmet.

Today—lots of chauffering. HSH had an ECT treatment (bleh), and these are now clear across town now that he's on Kaiser coverage. I also picked Christopher up from school and finally met his teacher, who is a bit on the rigid side and 2 years from retirement. Some of the parents have been muttering about the curriculum, and the seeds of revolution are being sowed after just 3 weeks of 4th grade. :0

Tomorrow… Federal Jury Duty all day down at the courthouse again. *sigh* Crap. :(

Eventually… blatherings on how writing my remix project went.
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