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What I wrote In July And August

What? It's only September 8th! C'mon!

The last two months were fairly productive, considering that I was on vacation for two weeks AND that I wrote two more stories I can't claim until September (one for kamikazeremix and one for spn_nostalgia.

Plus, some different fandoms for me. :D

Supernatural Gen:
**Silent World (PG) - S1, Sam adjusts to being a Winchester again, and to the things they do that he's always hated.
Salting Old Wounds (PG) - Ruby once was human, and the passing of centuries spent in darkness cannot help her to forget it.

Stanford Kaleidoscope (PG-13) - A tryptych of "Once Upon A Time" drabbles, overlapping in time.
Surprise Destinations (PG) - A little brotherly happiness for unhobbityhobbit.
You Bring It On Yourself (PG) - Dean unexpectedly digs himself a hole, and Sam's all too happy to push him in (for janissa11's birthday).
Everyday Curses (PG) - Bobby falls prey to Murphy's Law. A lot. (for elanurel's birthday).
Suburban Prey (PG) - It's summertime, and the hunt is on for Sam and Dean (written for erinrua's birthday).
Modern-Day Alchemy (PG) - Drabble on Dean and accomplishment, for kronette's birthday.
Unvoiced Dissent (PG) - Drabble on "Kings," and secrets Dean's been keeping.

Supernatural Slash:
**Hold On Tight (NC-17) - Early S3, Sam's tired of handling their relationship on Dean's terms.
Summer Rain (R) - Schmoopy, porny Sam/Dean interlude for esorlehcar and deirdre_c.

The Fairytale Ending (PG-13) - Stanford-era drabble about finding happiness, for missyjack.
Intensity (R) - Drabble with porn and shmoop for huntress69's birthday.
All These Truths (PG-13) - Sam/Dean drabble (more a mini-fic) for angelnetgirl: Some things are true, always and forever.

Prison Break Gen/Other:
Pedal To The Metal (PG) - All-dialogue humor-fic, with Michael and Lincoln in the road in early S2.

Prison Break Slash:
Brighter Even Than The Sun (PG-13) - Pre-Series, adolescent Michael notices Lincoln in ways that he can't stop thinking about. For jasmasson's birthday.
Of The Less Familiar Species (PG-13) - Michael has never really understood girls, not entirely.

**Die Hard 4: Better Late Than Never (PG-13) - John and Matt (or John/Matt), in which being the strong, silent type has its shortcomings.
House, M.D.: Haunted House (PG) - House and Wilson humor for thelana's birthday. Exactly what the title says. ;)
The American School System - more of the "On Writing" installments, this is information for non-American fanfic writers.

ETA: I marked with "**" the stories that were stalled out and which I finally managed to finish. Victory! \o/

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