The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
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The fic for kamikazeremix is finished and posted, and what a relief that is! Now you'll have to wait a week to see it. ;)

Seems like it's been non-stop flailing since returning from vacation. Work is insanely busy, Christopher had a birthday last Thursday and Lauren had her sleepover birthday party on Saturday (so much for getting anything else done that day). Sunday was working on the story interspersed with biking and listening to HalfshellHusband beg me to take another crack at the wireless router.

All I can say is, there'd better be a babysitter available next weekend, though it's Labor Day and that makes things iffy. :0

We did manage, over the course of the week, to finish Disc One of The Tick. Both of us loved this show when it originally aired, but since it's oddball humor we knew it was doomed. One season, 9 episodes. R.I.P. :(

You've got to love a superhero who's so aggressively stupid, and Patrick Warburton is the perfect guy to play him. Mangled metaphors, single-mindedness and recurring dimness are the Tick's hallmarks.

The Tick (chomping on a fortune cookie and discovering the fortune): A secret message... from my teeth!

Arthur (Mothman): Sorry, no offense intended.
The Tick: None comprehended!

The Tick longs for nothing more than to serve Justice, even if all that means is freeing a bus station from the tyranny of its ancient coffee machine. \o/

Tags: tv

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