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Upcoming Birthday Girls, weigh in!

I'm going on vacation as of tomorrow, and that means I'm going to miss some special birthdays: janissa11, elanurel, missyjack and huntress69. If I've missed anyone, please speak up!

If any of you ladies would like a drabble, please leave me some prompts in the comments below. And yes, I DO seem to take my vacation at the same time every year, why do you ask? :0


Finished some books and started some new ones.

Remember that James Lee Burke Crusader's Cross I mentioned in a meme last week? The "magic orgasm" thing I snarked about led to a great Wincest story from fourfreedoms over here, so something good came of it! I did finish the book a few days ago, and... No. Just no. It's one thing to want to keep your ending from being obvious, and another to just grab a random character to assign as your murderer. Serial-killer who tortures and hacks up women means you have to make the character somehow fit that profile. I.e., the fact that this was your murderer all along should not be a surprise to the character himself. Major fail. :(

Midway through Stone Monkey, which is a Lincoln Rhymes novel (I've read perhaps one other, years ago). Slow start, but I love the tidbits on Chinese culture and thinking, and I really love the Fuzhou policeman in it. Perfect example of how a totally different way of approaching problems can still lead to the same (or sometimes better) results.

Also in the middle of The Strictest School In The World: Being The Tale of a Clever Girl, a Rubber Boy, and a Collection of Flying Machines, Mostly Broken). This is juvenile fiction, the first of two books, with a very dry and humorous tone, and it flows very easily. Too weird to resist, I say! \o/

Next up, over vacation: more juvenile fiction, this one The True Meaning Of Smekday. This story features an African-American girl living in the U.S. where aliens have invaded, and among other things have created their own set of holidays and societal rules. The title is her school essay assignment. Again, sounds wonderfully weird. :D

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