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Random Recs for your Friday!

I hope all of you will find something to enjoy in this assortment!

- A Very Muppet Supernatural (Adult- NSFW Muppet Activity, Crack) by missyjack is crackTACular and so worth the read even if you're not a Wincest fan. The "casting" and the story descriptions alone are hilarious! \o/

- The Common Fate Of All (Sam/Dean, AU, R) by gretazreta is so unexpected. It's gorgeous and bleak, a world where Dean grew up in foster care and never hunted, and has spent his life battling anger and frustration in a grayed-out dull world, until one day he meets a guy named Sam. The descriptions are fantastic, and the twist at the end is pure genius. Highly recommended.

- So Much For All The Prayers You've Learned (OFC, Gen, PG-13) by elanurel/x_strangeangels. This was written for an spn_xx challenge, and the style and form are really well-executed and the characters (all of them living in an isolated Supernatural universe here) are believable and vivid. Not your usual story, by any means:
They are the lucky ones, the girls who only die in their dreams.

- Good Girl (Gen, PG) by amchara. Written for the same challenge as the story above, this takes place after the S3 finale and shows a vivid 'outsider' POV on that episode. The voice is very authentic, sad and a little bewildered:
Daddy doesn’t come in to kiss her good night anymore and Mommy won’t read her bedtime stories like she used to.

- Matters Of Course (Michael/Lincoln Slash, NC-17) by chanchitoslash. This is a wonderful, moody story with so much anger and need surfacing again and again in the battle between Michael and Lincoln of interdependency and the inability to fully get what either of them wants. It's not a happy-ending kind of story, but it feels so true, such a mix and pull of a relationship gone wrong. Fantastic.

- That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore (Gen, PG-13) by msgenevieve. Written for the pbfic_exchange2 a few rounds back, this is a dark Kellerman and Hale friendship piece that is funny and tragic and perfect:
They used to be friends, good friends, and sometimes he almost remembers why...

- First, a random picture to get you part-way in the mood. Don't think it's friendslocked: Justin Long slash kiss

- Save As (John/Matt, Adult, estab. rel.) by poisontaster. This was PT's Big Bang entry for small fandoms this year, and it's really, really good. All of the humor and snark and intensity and back-and-forth you love and need in a John/Matt story, and it's long and satisfying. ♥

- Romance In A Bottle (Of Gun Oil) (John/Matt, PG-13) by eeyore9990. A series of days spent in the hospital recuperating after the Fire Sale, in which John and Matt are funny and cranky in turns and find out much about themselves and each other. Great form AND execution.


Go forth and read!

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