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10 July 2008 @ 12:48 pm
Surprise Christmas Moment!  
Ever have one of those times when you feel like you've gotten a present out of the blue?

Today I discovered that the lovely tyrical had actually read and left comments on all the parts of one of my best and most unread Prison Break stories, Parables Written In Blood. \o/ *bounces around the room*

What a wonderful surprise! *loves tyrical mightily*

Now, in the realm of good things waiting for me that I already knew about, I'm behind on the Plastic Winchester Theatre episodes, which means that good times are ahead when I catch up on them! Also have at least one more Die Hard John/Matt Big-Bang to read (skipped the BDSM one, worshipped the poisontaster one), and I've been loving the 4th-of-July ficathon over at hard4brains. Still thinking I might be writing one of those myself, though the number of half-finished stories I've got backlogged has balooned again. :0

Here in RL, it's a smoky world still. I went out cycling yesterday during a decent air-quality period (which tends to be as the temperatures go up), and that became v-e-e-e-r-y slow near the end. The air was worse and the temperature near 103o when I finished, and I was whipped. :( Going to have to call the ranger station for our campsite area to see whether we're camping on Sunday still.

Tell me something about you! What do you like, what do you want, why are you here? :D

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Jas Massonjasmasson on July 10th, 2008 09:37 pm (UTC)
I KNOW! PT's one was amazing. She started me reading Die Hard fic... For God's sake... I can't even keep up with the fandom I'm in! I don't need another!!

(All that said, may I vote for you writing a Die Hard fic? That would be fantastic!)

The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphorshalfshellvenus on July 10th, 2008 11:37 pm (UTC)
She started me reading Die Hard fic...
She was how I found out there was a comm for it! I'd immediately looked for fic after seeing the movie, and found only one story that was rather OOC. But the comm has a wealth of stuff, most of it very good.

All that said, may I vote for you writing a Die Hard fic?
I started one for 60_minute_fics back in April, and not only did I not finish within the hour, I could see that it was going to be lengthy. I've added a little to it since then, but I think the best step would be to take a stab at one of the prompts I offered up for the July ficathon which really wants to be written (leaving aside the two half-written Sam/Dean estab. relationship stories and some spn_xx thingy I started, and a super-sekrit SPN Gen fic, and argh! Why won't stuff finish?)

Speaking of which... J/J? *tempts*