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*koff* *koff*

The smoke is back. *sigh* The number of wildfires is increasing (lightning storms), and we're at over 300 statewide. A coworker tells me that the containment date on one fire slightly near his house has been revised to October 1st, meaning that they're going to let it burn itself out because they're short on resources and they think they've got it well-banked. Meanwhile, the air in that region (people live downwind of there!) will be affected for months. :(

Now I'm getting worried about our upcoming camping plans (next weekend) and Lauren's trip to Girl Scout Camp (2 1/2 weeks). I hope we don't have to cancel either of those. :(

Sunday, we'd planned to go to a local waterpark to make the best of near 100o temperatures. But thanks to the smoke we went to the movies to see WALL-E instead. What an adorable movie— I could rewatch it right now! Cute, heartfelt, lots of wonderful details (spork FTW!), and a nice environmental message too. :)

Our Saturday family movie was E.T., which I hadn't seen for years. Lauren (almost-11) bailed out on it, which turned out to be very smart. The painful part near the end was too intense for me, and it went on for a long time. I'm sorry she missed so much of the cuteness leading up to that, but it was a wise decision on her part.

The Fourth-of-July was great— cool temperatures for the first time ever, though everyone was still hot by the end of the morning parade. And the visit to my brother was a lot of fun, with excellent steak, tasty ice-cream-soup (my SIL didn't realize that ice-cream machines are serious about using rock salt and not table salt). The fireworks were fun, with Christopher helping to announce the entries. The finale, he somehow discerned in the dark, offered the "Maximum powder allowed by law!"

How was everyone else's weekend?

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