The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Is This Thing On?

Seems like everyone's leaving town these days except me! But I'll bet some of you are still around, at least today...

I've been busy over at spn_25, tagging entries, adding things into memories (whoo— tedious), cleaning up claims from people who haven't posted in over a year. But the important news is that I'm opening up claims for up to five writers at a time (previously was three), and all of the theme tables have openings. You can check out the theme sets here, and if you want to make a claim then that post is here. Writers have handled them in different ways— one author wrote a 25-chapter story, with a prompt for each chapter, another has been writing 100-word drabbles, and still others mix Gen, Slash, and Het in the stories they write. Hope some of you find the prompts inspiring enough to take up the challenge!

Also... there is a new comm, spn_nostalgia, for those of you who miss the feeling/atmosphere/episodes of Season One. I am SO behind that fabulous idea. \o/

In other news, I'm finally reading Steven Colbert's bizarre "I Am America, And So Can You!" I really enjoy the asides in the margins, and the chapter on Education was hilarious. I do worry a bit that all of his harping on homosexuals might be taken seriously by readers that don't understand satire (or that his characters is a knee-jerk rant-ready knucklehead, and I mean that in the best possible way). He does, after all, list George W. Bush as the Best President Ever! in a few places, but then again there was that horrific train-wreck of a White House Correspondents' Dinner speech last year that I almost can't watch for the level of meanness. (Sorry! *is a wimp*)

On his list of "Things That Are Trying To Turn Me Gay," ranging in scale from 1-10, he has Gay People at 4, Clive Owen at 8 (hee!), and Baby Carrots at 11. Dog Whisperers are also on the list. ;)

And the chapter on Seniors features "Rah Seniors!" segments in large print, and is entirely undermined by everything in the normal and small font. Hope my MIL wasn't offended. :0

Tomorrow's plans: Donut and decorating party at some friends' house as a prelude to the neighborhood bicycle parade, then vague attempt to squeeze in some exercise before going to my brother's for BBQ and fireworks (Hi, Governor Schwarzenegger!). In case you were worried, my brother is a closet pyro but is also VERY careful about his fireworks. They get set off over pavement on a neighborhood street ( with a hose ready just in case), and when they've cooled they get drowned in a 10-gallon paint-bucket of water and left overnight. Mmmmm— cardboard and gunpowder soup!

Hope all of you American's have a great Fourth of July tomorrow, and happy belated Canada Day for those of you up north. :)

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