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I was all set to post up another "Still just a rat in a cage" entry on Saturday because of the smoke, but instead hit paydirt thanks to my ceaseless refreshing of! The particulate level dropped into "Moderate," and after checking another location and another website to confirm, I set a land-speed record for sunblocking and getting out the door for a bike ride (though Christopher had his helmet on before I'd even retrieved my water bottles). Whoo-hoo! The air was also better on Sunday, so I went for another ride just to be safe.

Thank goodness-- the cabin fever thing was getting epic. Bleh.

We saw Wanted on Saturday, one of those flashy-trashy movies that will become outrageously popular and which was pretty forgettable on the whole (except for the insults to basic physics!). James McAvoy was very good, actually. Angelina Jolie was mysterious and ultra-cool, and about 10-15 pounds underweight. :( That not only doesn't look good, it reinforces 'ultra-skinny' as a cultural ideal. The only curves in this movie belonged to bullets, and I'm still hurting from that basic concept!

Watched The Color Of Paradise on DVD, which was interesting for a lot of cultural reasons. First, because this is the work of an Irani film director, and given that the West demonizes the Middle-East so much (and perhaps vice-versa), it was nice to get more of an "insider" view. Second, I really had no idea that there were parts of the Middle East that were forested and somewhat lush. This part of Iran is on the coast, and perhaps gets a more temperate weather system. Still, it was a shock! There is also the surprise of hearing bird/animal sounds from another part of the world that do not match our own. There was a scary, dog-like sound in the forest several times that was unnerving. A jackal? Couldn't really tell.

In any case, this was a good drama with lots of pathos for the main character, a blind 8-year-old boy whose father spends most of the movie trying to get out from under the burden of raising him. No-one else views the little boy that way, and the story is more about the father's awakening than anything else. The ending? Hmmm... seemed kind of abrupt.

In family news, we took the kids bowling yesterday for an outing. *sigh* Christopher's ultra-competitiveness resulted in him getting into a complete snit over not winning (his snits always include a non-stop vocal component of bitching, so they're even more obnoxious). Grrr... This joins "miniature golf" as yet another family activity we can't do with him until he grows out of some of his issues. :(

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