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What I Wrote-- January

This is wandering around LJ, so I thought I'd try it out. I'm hoping it will help my f-list friends who got as far behind in Christmas-break fic reading as I did. la_folle_allure, dhvana, tyrical, jules1013... this is for you.

I was... very busy in January. Entries in all my fandom categories, separated out below. I added some fics from Dec 31st (I posted 4 that day!). Here goes, posted oldest to newest, by fandom:

Prison Break-- Gen
  • All God's Children -- What Warden Pope lives and believes.
  • Having The Answers -- Love is a mystery Michael has yet to solve.
  • It Won't Be This -- She is a distraction Michael cannot afford.

    Prison Break -- Slash
  • Awakenings -- (Pre-series) Michael sees Lincoln through new eyes.
  • Always -- New Lincoln/Michael series after "Awakenings." Link is for chapter 1, chapter 2 new in January.
  • Paradise -- (NC-17) Lincoln/Michael post-escape. Smutty with a tinge of angst.
  • Like Silk And Satin -- (NC-17) Lincoln/Michael post-escape. Erotica.
  • Serenity and Shadows -- Lincoln/Michael post-escape. "Sunrise" prompt.
  • Darkness Falling -- Lincoln/Michael post-escape. Angsty.
  • A Sense of Adventure -- Lincoln/Michael smutlet.
  • Keeping His Distance -- Lincoln/Michael post-escape. Angst continues.
  • The Shape of Freedom -- Lincoln/Michael Alternate Escape story. (Mild slash)

    Supernatural -- Gen
  • Lost -- Dean's POV, during the period where Sam is in college
  • Back Road Adventure -- Sam & Dean, Banterfic in 4 chapters.
  • Making Friends -- Double drabble, for "Pets" challenge.
  • The Point Goes To Dean -- Drabble for "Pets" challenge.
  • And So He Waits -- John's POV. Drabble for "Minor Characters" challenge.
  • Denial Will Not Save You -- HumorFic for Friday the 13th Challenge.
  • The One -- Evil humor drabble for "Mary Sue" challenge.
  • Letting Go -- Angst, Sam POV. Learning to survive when dreams have died.
  • Four "Missing Scenes" Drabbles -- Angsty, good. One unexpected POV.

    Supernatural -- Slash
  • Secrets -- Drabble, "Rituals" challenge. What Dean hides from Sam.
  • Truths Spoken In Anger -- (R Post-Skin fic, updated with 3 chapters & added smut.
  • Five "Missing Scenes" Drabbles -- Angsty.
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