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10 June 2008 @ 02:47 pm
I Can Haz Banner Now?  
Over at spn_25, we've had a second author complete a claims list! muses_circle joins poisontaster in finishing off a table of 25 prompts-- congratulations to both!

Here's where I throw myself on the mercy of my f-list: I'd love to have a banner or love-bar to send authors with completed claims for posting on their journals. Anyone got skills in that area who might be able to help out? *big pleading eyes*

In other news, I want to thank my f-list for being a low-wank zone. Most of the time, if there's wank I don't even hear about it until it's over or darn near close. I usually find out second-hand via something someone else has posted, and I tell you-- it's great. Saves all kinds of turmoil and agony over things that tend to blow over anyway. \o/

This weekend: the kids are with an aunt until Thursday morning, having a wonderful time. This is the first time in almost 11 years that my husband and I have had any real time alone together! We've gotten the occasional night here and there, and two nights once back in November (same aunt). It is SUCH a relief to be able to pick up and go places for hours at will, and to get through dinner without running through someone else's schedule. We've been watching movies, relaxing. We tried to buy a sofa, but couldn't get a color we liked (honestly, if you hate brown, beige and colors from the diarrhea spectrum and are trying to buy a green sofa, you might as well forget it).

We had a brief moment where we thought we were suddenly buying a new car yesterday (the fan died, and the cost to fix it plus recharging the A/C was $730. The car's 16 years old, 193K miles). But because we want a Prius, and the demand is huge, we'd have to go on a waiting list. Well, you can't live A/C-free in Sacramento in the summer. We're going to have to stick with the old car longer. BUT! If we had to flail all over that for a few days, better to have it happen when the kids are not around.

Now that we've finally gotten my husband fully migrated to Kaiser (after losing his job) and gotten all the preliminaries out of the way, he's probably going to have another ECT (electro-shock treatment) tomorrow. I so wish the medication alone were solving this, and I hope it will help to have a new psychiatrist evaluate him for whether his problem is just depression or bi-polarism where the "high" only goes to Normal (which affects which medications to use). The medicine alone isn't keeping his depression at bay, and he's held on really hard over the last month (he was due for treatment May 6, but his coverage was cancelled, so he's now gone 8 weeks overdue). But we both hate this, and we keep hoping this part of his treatment will end soon. It's a choice you only make if you're desperate. *sigh*

I'll talk about the various movies later this week, but I just KNOW you're all reading the Big Bang stuff right now and not paying any attention to anything else. Wish I'd gotten that Jensen/Jared ficlet done over the weekend before all this started! Close, but... not quite. :)

cindy: spn - emo sammy (by nyaubaby)tsuki_no_bara on June 10th, 2008 10:30 pm (UTC)
ect, yikes. i hope it helps, and that the new psychiatrist has some good suggestions/treatments/diagnoses.

(my flist is fairly wank-free too. i love it. ^_^ )
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphorshalfshellvenus on June 10th, 2008 10:41 pm (UTC)
and that the new psychiatrist has some good suggestions/treatments/diagnoses.
I hope so too-- his previous psychiatrist only began to consider bi-polarism in the last 4-5 months before suggesting the ECT route (because things were pretty desperate).

One of the plus sides of Kaiser (which I've had forever) is that he'll be seeing a regular psychiatrist as well as the ECT psychiatrist, and Kaiser forces a more "big-picture" approach to their mental health system. I.e., they don't really believe in staffing psychiatrists who don't also have clinical therapy skills-- you need to be able to see the whole spectrum of treatment. That's the kind of psychiatrist both my parents are, and it would never occur to them to service purely from a medication standpoint. Heck, in Oregon you also have to take neurological boards. Two of the patients my mother had referred to her (one as a "neurotic hypochondriac" and the other as a simple "depressive") had brain tumors that the GP treating them had missed. But having the added neurological background also alerts you to the difference between brain chemistry or mood problems and other types of brain-functioning problems.

(my flist is fairly wank-free too. i love it. ^_^ )
It's so nice! Every now and then I'll see a hint of something fly by in someone else's post, and I'm all, "What's that now? Is something going on?" But by the time it clarifies (unless I go looking for it in a fit of masochism or something), it's usually gone. \o/