The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

The continuing week off (or, life in absentia)...

The kids and I played miniature golf on Monday (HalfshellHusband was waylaid with incredible lower leg pain that finally forced him to see the doctor today). We issued the lecture about it being a "non-competitive event" (for the benefit of my son, who tends to get obnoxious about that kind of thing and either goes into a snit about losing or trash-talks other people's efforts). It took an hour and a half before the snit started, but we pushed through to the end. Urgh. Mostly fun, though I suck immensely at putting any distance over about 8-10 inches. I can't work with that— it's too 3-D for me! Ball-and-stick sports are my nemesis.

Had a great visit with my sister, including a couple of trips to the bike path (she and her friend brought their bikes). Very slow, but quite scenic. I do get a little frustrated that she brings this male friend with her everywhere, like a social buffer. They're not dating— though he's been in love with her forever— and more than anything it's a reminder of how much we wish she'd get involved with him instead of stringing him along (she treats him like a boyfriend except for that one, important part of returning his love in kind). *Sigh* He's not the first, and he probably won't be the last...

Rented Alex Rider: Stormbreaker for the kids last weekend. Mildly disturbed at how pretty I found the teenaged actor, more disturbed at Mickey Rourke's character kind of perving on him. Rourke didn't even look like himself here, and heaven knows why Ewan McGregor had a brief role as the kid's uncle. Action/adventure (teenybopper!Bond) for kids, more death/violence than I'd bargained for.

Speaking of Ewan McGregor, he was a guest on Craig Ferguson's show last night. They had quite the loony time together, culminating in a skit where McGregor kept wiping his eyes because Ferguson was cracking him up. TMI on the haggis issue earlier, though...

Tomorrow: Indiana Jones? That's the current plan. :D

Randomly, Robert Downey Jr. is on a magazine cover this month, and I honestly thought he had deep brown eyes until seeing that picture. They appear to be hazel instead— who knew? I will say this: the Caesar cut should be socially outlawed. Seriously. NO-one is flattered by that cut. Some men looks less bad with it than others, but that's not really a recommendation, now is it?

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