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Happy Birthday, aeroport_art!

The best of birthday wishes to Li (aeroport_art), and hopes that your special day and the coming year are glorious Maybe even with a great job in the future!

If I can drabble up something for you to make it better, please let me know! *hugs and confetti*


Yesterday's bike to work adventure... was exactly that, an adventure. The distance was manageable (including the extra mile or so of getting lost in a couple of spots), but the rest? Just too dangerous and too much of a hassle. Oddly enough, it's my side of the freeway that's the bigger hassle. I must have had 30+ stops in the 7 miles to the overcrossing (every stoplight, every 4-way stop), which takes forever. I went back on a different street, which had fewer lights traded for more 4-way stops. And danger-wise, there were the spots of road with insufficient (or no) shoulder, people overtaking me and then turning in front of me (!), and kids coming head-on because they were biking on the wrong side of the road. :( :( :( Don't think I'll be trying that again. *is disappointed*

Last night's Supernatural finale:

I don't know what I think about that episode. There was less emotional intensity than I expected (unless that was due to my husband gabbing away through it)- Dean's avoidal of "socially awkward moments" was humorous phrasing, but it also robbed the episode of some of its drama.

The singing in the car about drove me nuts (the first episode where that happened was bad enough), as did Dean being bull-headed and hand-tying both Bobby and Sam. The lack of a real "goodbye" was frustrating, especially because we got cliffhangered on the ending (Sam's half of it as well as Dean's).

I loved that Ruby called Dean out for being a dick (which he had coming), HalfshellHusband loved the "Car 54 Where Are You?" shoutout, and I fangirled Bobby to the heavens for the holy-water sprinkler-system solution \o/.

The opening sequence was fantastic-- very vivid. Dean being able to spot demon aspects (and hell-hounds now) was a great development. Ruby's host getting hijacked was a great twist too.

But the ending... what really happened there? Seems like Dean's body is gone for now, or is it? Is Dean trapped inside there (in which case, Barb really IS Kripke)? Or is he (more likely) in Purgatory or Hell now? The visual effects of the place he wound up were very striking, but(maybe wonderfully) non-specific, and that's what makes the outcome vague.

People have always batted around the idea that Hell is an individual experience, i.e., geared to the fears or sins of the person in question. For Dean, who cannot stand to be without his family, being trapped alone in that huge, echoing space for all eternity and having to be aware of every single lonely, desperate, endless minute of it... that does seem like a form of his own Hell, doesn't it?

I have a certain confidence that Dean will eventually be rescued and restored to his own body (because the show relies upon the two actors and their chemistry), but no idea how that'll happen. I hope it isn't because he DOES become a demon, and that Sam then spends his lifetime chasing Dean.

*sigh* I don't know. Don't spoil me with any rumors, but feel free to jump in. What did you think, and what does that ending mean?

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