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The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

I had a great Mother's Day - breakfast with my MIL, my mother called me so I didn't have to track her down (thank goodness- she was on the road instead of at a hotel), and the kids had wonderful cards/poems and cute little gifts.

Late in the afternoon we went for a "hike" along the parkway where I bicycle all the time. I chose a spot downriver where I hoped we'd see some quail, but they did not cooperate. We DID see three turtles in the river (that was unexpected!), a couple of lizards, a snake, a ladybug (the indigenous ones here are orangey-tan and not red), and a few plants I can't see while zooming past on the bike. Some wild blackberries were ripe already (I'm the only one that liked them), and it looks like we have wild sweetpea along the river.

Also, remember that mystery plant I've mentioned before? The one with the sweet/peppery scent that that I've looked for the last couple of years and never been able to pin down? Lauren found it for me. I could smell it periodically as we walked, but never located the source of the smell. This, it turns out, is because the 'seed' clusters don't always give off the scent (some of them don't smell like anything), which is why the smell is random. But the biggest shocker of all is that this is not an exotic plant at all, quite the opposite: it's wild California grape. :0 You'd think someone would mention that unusual smell in any of the online entries on this plant, but noooooo. Well, mystery solved at least!

Random TV musings...

My husband wants the Bones psychologist (who looks twelve) to go away and the prior psychologist to come back. I explained that the other actor was Stephen Fry, and that he's probably not interested in a long-term role.

On House, M.D.... WTF? This season-ender had better not wind up being all about Amber. Neither her character nor the Wilson/Amber thing are well-enough-established for that to fly well. :( Also, I'm not happy about Cuddy's stripper scene in the Catholic schoolgirl outfit. That's the kind of thing a producer really shouldn't ask an actress to do (unless that was the exact part she signed on for). You know things are bad when my husband (who thinks Cuddy is a babe) is watching through his fingers and saying, "I hope that's a body-double."

Tonight's Reaper has me a little worried. I like Gladys. I like Tony (and I think the show owes him more acknowledgement of his loss). Please don't do something we'll all regret. :(

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