The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

What I Wrote In April

A much lighter month than usual, even for drabbles (though I wrote 2 Wincest drabbles, and most of my drabbles tend to be Gen).

There were some non-fiction essays on writing, and in the background the work on Debbie's story continues...

Supernatural Gen:
On The Strength Of False Promises (PG) - Through mid-S3, Dean struggles to accept what he cannot change and still the reality is something different every time.
Cursed By Curiosity (PG) - CrackFic for gekizetsu's birthday: Dean is too impulsive for anyone's good...

Supernatural Slash:
Melting (NC-17)- Desert heat and sweet relief for Sam and Dean in this Wincest PWP.

The Fire Within(PG-13) - Wincest drabble with a dark twist, for jolietjones' birthday.
Waking The Tiger (PG-13) - For certainthings's birthday, a drabble sequel to this Wincest drabble.

Prison Break Slash:
The Best Intentions (PG-13) - Pre-series, Lincoln struggles to end something he never should have let begin.
Beyond This Fading Existence (PG-13) - Interlude in "The Arrangement" Series for happywriter06's birthday: Michael lights a long-forgotten fire inside Lincoln.

Other: (not fanfic this month-- essays on writing)
Wearing Different Hats As A Writer - Different situations call for different approaches to writing.
Punctuation And Sentence Construction
Narrative Point Of View - Discussions, problems and possible solutions.

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