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Moderate Fail? I hope only that?

I'd originally hoped to do a bike-to-work trial-run today, but wimped out over the 53F starting temperature (our weather sux. The high will be 81F today). That's pretty darn cold on a bike, thanks to the wind chill. So I brought the bike into work to ride at lunchtime instead... but left the biking shoes (with pedal-lock-attachments) at home. *sigh*


In another installment of boykissing, I finished October Moon about a week ago.

My opinions are all over the map on this movie (perhaps influenced by the movie itself). I get these movies via Netflix, and don't read the synopses on the DVD sleeves (thank goodness-- they're usually full of spoilers), so it's all a big surprise once I start watching the movie.

I spent some time wondering why there was a certain "horror movie" quality to the music, and thinking that the lead character, Corin (Sean Michael Lambrecht) was very, very cute and that his boyfriend was a major jerk. Over the course of the movie, the relationship with the boyfriend is challenged by the behavior of the boyfriend himself and also by someone else becoming attracted to Corin.

I don't want to spoil the story, so I won't reveal more plot. It's hard for the viewer to understand Corin's love for Jake, other than the power of longevity, because the character isn't loveable for quite awhile. This seems intentional, though, to allow the viewer and the would-be lover to wonder if that door might open for someone else to walk through.

There's some random sofa-cuddling that is really, really nice-- it's very loving and matter-of-fact, and not something we see very often. The movie is solidly PG-13, in all respects, so nothing goes very far (which I don't mind).

It took awhile to figure out what exactly Corin did for a job (I thought at first he was a film distributor, because he loves those horror movies and the posters are everywhere). There was also (for me) the distracting question of where the movie was set once one of the chararacters started to veer into 'oot and aboot' territory, but the answer apparently was around Racine, Wisconsin (very pretty). I looked the actor up at anyway, and he's theoretically a Chicago native. *boggles* Randomly, do you know how close I am to looking up the Minnesota Mom on "Aliens In America?" Her accent breaks my ears.

The pacing is uneven at times, perhaps because it was filmed in just over a week (!) for various reasons. I thought the lead did very well even though he wasn't really an actor. He definitely looked the part. The actor playing the role of Elliot did a fantastic job, and the more minor parts were all fine. People will love or hate the ending. I personally felt they leaned a little toward the wrong genre ("thriller" would have been better), but some people like it as is.

Other than the cute lead, one of the things I really liked about this film's story was how it showed infatuation/attraction. The way the attracted guy leans in just close enough to catch the scent of the man he's hung up on, or to peer down the edges of his shirt is more subtle and more real than what we often see in film. I like those details.


I know it's SPN day (YAAAAY!), but instead I'd rather talk about some of the fun names on my f-list like saddle_tramp and pignapoke and hamsterofd00m and lunaticfringe_, or ones I've seen around randomly like donttelltheelf. What's the story behind your username (though I think one dates directly from an SPN episode)?

And for everyone in general, tell me something about yourself. What are your fandoms, your hobbies, your (gulp) political aspirations? I sound like your mother, don't I? ;)

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