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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

First, SPN 3X14!

This was a pretty good episode overall, and acknowledged some of the elephant-in-the-room issues of Dean-deadline/oh-noes-no-answer-yet/demon-liars-who-disappoint.

I really liked the creepy main story for this week-- voices from beyond the grave, and they all want you to kill yourself! The added touch of them coming over the phone lines made it even creepier and more authentic.

Oh, Dean-- it's so hard living in a world where Daddy can't save you. What child ever stops hoping for that, no matter how old they are? :( Not to mention the all-consuming need to just talk to Dad again. The MotW works in cruel, cruel ways.

I personally love the boys in suits, and unless they're shiny or really out-of-date or horribly ill-fitting, it would never occur to me that they're 'cheap' suits. So why does a teenager call Sam on that? And regular people DO sometimes drive rental cars (ask anyone who's car is in the shop too long). The only 'cheap' thing that stood out in that scene was using the spurious details as a method of exposition.

Motel room: the set designers love that freaky vertical-decoration effect (it goes beyond ugly-wallpaper and dingy surfaces!). A few weeks ago it was some metal-bird-lattice thingy, and this week it's freaky stars. At least it isn't 3-D screaming orange stucco with a screaming orange bedspread...

Dear Desperate Dean: notice that Dad never calls when Sam's around? And never asks to talk to Sam? Do you suppose there might be some really sneaky reason for that?

Plus, you're getting kind of assy toward Sam. I like it better when you just tell him you're afraid, instead of taking your frustrations out on him.

And speaking of the last scene... it would be nice for the writers to make sure the episode has legs that go all the way up story that goes all the way to the end. The tearing-up and mutual worry over Dean's fate was fantastic. The cheap dodge into "Beer me" as the actual conclusion? L.A.M.E. Even ending the episode on Sam's "And me," would have worked better. True, all of Sam's pain and fear still isn't a weapon to save Dean. But Dean knows what he means by it, and it closes the mood.

I'd discourage a fanfic writer from ending a scene that way, and it bugs me when the show does it. As I mentioned on someone else's journal, it's as if the writers got tired of writing that scene. But it's their job to keep plugging away until they get it right. AN ending is not always the right ending. :(

Please tell me I'm not misinterpretting what that episode looks like...


The Bad is that my husband officially lost his job as of Wednesday. Although we suspected it would be coming, when it didn't materialize in March there was hope that maybe it wouldn't happen. Sadly, no. And with the job gone, his health benefits are gone and will require a 2-3 week transition to mine. Which doesn't help the fact that he's under treatment right now. :(


The Ugly? Only in opposite-world! The "ugly" is the fabulous news that my sister-in-law and her husband will successfully be able to adopt a 5-year-old boy from Russia. Everyone is very excited, including Sergey. That was the highlight of the week, something good to offset the bad that came yesterday. My son is thrilled that he won't be the youngest in the family anymore, and our two kids are looking over their toys to see what to send to him.
I'm highly curious as to whether any of the bajillion stuffed animals they each have will be among the toys that can leave the house. Unlike EVER BEFORE. ;)

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