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Tuesday is my Monday...

And I'm never quite ready to be back at work. :(

I planted a bunch of stuff in yard in the last couple of days. There's this tiny window in Sacramento between rainy and scorching each year, and you need to get your summer plants in now or it'll be too hot to plant them later. And hope a big fat windstorm doesn't dry them out and kill them in the next few weeks...

More schizophrenic weather: 61F last Monday, 91F on Saturday. Looking through the clothes hamper, I realized that I bicycled in both winter and summer clothes in the same week again! And with the sudden increase in temperature, you're not really acclimated yet. I had to stop for water on Saturday (because 40 oz. wasn't enough), and I didn't quite finish my run yesterday (overheated). But two months from now this weather will look like bliss! Anything under about 96F is bliss in a Sacramento summer.

I watched another boy-kissing movie awhile back, one which I don't recommend: Trick. This one was aggravating, at least for me. It should come with a Tori Spelling warning (!), it has some uncomfortable semi-racist moments in it, and the pace is god-awfully-slow. A would-be musical composer and the hot go-go boy he met on the subway are looking for a place to "hook up." Life thwarts them. The movie thwarts the viewer (it's every bit as frustrating as the setup). The main character is not entirely comfortable with being gay, or gay people, or something-- and while it could be endearing, it leads to a couple of scenes that are just really difficult to watch. Also? I got so irritated with it by the end (my garage-bicyling time was nearly over) that I started to fast-forward through all the scenes of people walking, people moving across the room, people watching OTHER people move across the room, etc. Saved myself at least 5 minutes, I think.

And the ending? Would have been sweet, if not for the original premise around which the movie was centered. One star at best. :(

Second boy-kissing movie- that I'm pretty sure I'm at least 95% through- is shaping up better. Will post when I finish it.

Rewatched a fair amount of Kate and Leopold because I like Hugh Jackman so much. Honestly, I would LOVE this movie if Meg Ryan weren't in it. Even though I tend not to like her, I can say without bias that she's awful in this. Her character is utterly without charm (it needs an actress who can find a way to BE charming despit the character's surface), and her scarecrow hair... it just isn't believable that Leopold would ever fall for her (given his own time, and thoughts about women, etc.) My husband and I always watch this while speculating on who would be the right actress for this role. Emma Thompson could play American- I'd vote for her. Sandra Bullock could probably pull this off. HalfshellHusband wondered about Minnie Driver, but that seems kind of off-the-wall. Both of us hate Julia Roberts, and given how she is in Notting Hill I'm fairly sure it would be a Meg Ryan 2.0 performance. Still love Hugh in this movie, though, as well as Liev Schreiber and the "actor camp" brother. ;)

Finished a couple of fics this weekend! One (PB) was posted, another awaits polishing. Still have super-sekrit stuff running the background, of course. ;)

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