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Squee Is Me

So, I kind of loved last night's SPN episode a lot. I realize that it didn't feature as much of the boys as I usually crave, but darned if it wasn't creative and just fun.

First, let me say that I haven't read your squee or 'meh' or 'stabbity rage' or whatever else you might have thought about the episode. This is just my own, unfiltered reaction to the episode.

My only real complaint of substance? Sam saying "ain't." Twice. I don't recall him EVER saying that in a non-joking context (or heck, at all), and at first it threw me into wondering if he'd been scripted for the 'Ghostfacers' show into saying that. W.T.F., show?

On to the squee...

This reminds me a little of the Buffy episode where Jonathon had shifted the entire world and became its star, but it had its own unique flavor.

The wood stove instead of the fireplace. The tuxedos with the screaming yellow Converse shoes. The bad, bad delivery in the fake "Masterpiece Theatre" intro. The crack about the Writer's Strike fallout. The Operations Center-- destroyed by the opening of the garage door (boy, I did not see that one coming)! The overblown seriousness of the presentation, torpedoed by random flubs. Homemade EMF meters, night-vision goggles, "My best friend! And my best sister!"

Did anyone but me think that the cute intern looked a little like Reaper's Sam, and that Spruce's body language was a little like that of Reaper's Sock?

I loved that this was an Outside POV episode-- and that the car they were hiding from turned out to be Sam and Dean, doing their usual.

I loved that the 'Ghostfacers,' despite their name and nerdiness, did actually know a thing or two (even if it was just enough to help them endanger themselves).

I love that Sam called Dean on spending his two months left doing the kind of thing that could get both of them killed-- and nearly cost Sam his life.

I'm sure people will be divided on the 'big gay love' thing, but I liked that Corbett's love was depicted as genuine even if the head nerds were slow to adjust to it. They didn't doubt that it was real, and in the end they decided that it helped save them. I'm only sorry Corbett was killed (and that no-one ever called him by his first name), but the episode was set up to make the viewer like him and to feel sad that he was lost. And that's ultimately a good thing, in my book.

So, I know this wasn't the big Sam and Dean love we were probably all hoping for after the long hiatus. And I know there are only a few more episodes left this season.

But damn if this episode wasn't still worth it to me. It was hilarious, and yet not crack. No Trickster required to create the weirdness (or to explain it). Just a couple of kids getting in over their heads who still haven't learned anything from their first run-in with Sam and Dean. ;)

ETA: OMFG-- *outtakes and extras* from Ghostfacers. \o/
It appears that Ed and Sam have some common issues. Not that I blame them...

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