The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

It's the March Fic Roundup!

Not mid-month, for a change!

I finished a bike ride about an hour ago (first trip up over the dam in about 6+ months), so now I'm too whipped for physical exploits. New event: itchy sports bra attack right in the center of my back for the last 10 miles. Gah! I messed with it several times, but only fricasseeing the spot with the back brush in the shower afterward really exacted the revenge I needed.

Okay. I've got a few minutes between work-coding to do HTML coding, so let's get this sucker off the ground. Mostly drabbles this month, except for some PB Gen stories and a Wincest porn story featuring jealous and determined Sam. Still trying to focus on finishing my Sweet Charity fic...

Supernatural Gen:
Hope As Rundown As This Road (PG)-- Angsty drabble: In Season 3, all Dean's choices are running out.
The Road Of Least Resistance (PG)-- Humorous multi-username drabble for layne67's birthday.
Look At Me (PG)-- Post-Pilot Dean drabble: Even here, Sam's still somehow miles away.
As Night Slowly Becomes Tomorrow (PG)-- Angsty S3 Dean drabble on time running out, for sierra_foxx's birthday.

Supernatural Slash:
The Harder They Fall (NC-17)-- Post-"No-Exit," Sam's not about to let anyone else step in to take what he's been waiting for all this time (for birthday girls acostilow and pheebs1)
Going Too Far (NC-17)-- Porny drabble on getting drunk and getting carried away, for acostilow.
Waking The Tiger (PG-13)-- Sequel to above for certainthings's birthday (technically in April). :D

Prison Break Gen/Other:
Surviving The Failure Of Our Stars (PG)-- Michael and Lincoln never had the luck that other people did… (for badboy_fangirl's birthday)
But This Was Never Home (PG-13)-- Kid!Kellerman drama for foxriver_fic February challenge.

Tags: monthly_fic_list, my_fic

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