The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Vacation on the Horizon...

And I'm hoping it's warm in Santa Cruz. Looks like it's not going to rain, so that's good news! Leaving tomorrow...

I'm working at home today, and the kids are home this week making each other nuts. I sent them out to a park with my husband where they can get some space from each other if need be (or alternatively, not be bickering in the house). Meanwhile... how many times can a person debug the same area of code without going blind? Argh.

Made a stealth trip to get my remaining Easter supplies, namely the small pkgs of Peeps and the chocolate bunnies. But! Walgreen's does not have the Baby Binks bunnies I've been buying since the kids were toddlers! This had better not blow my cover...

Finished the On-Hold library books (juvenile fiction). Irked once again by misplaced Briticisms ("Right!" and "burgle" and other giveaway phrases) in stories about Vikings. It would be like finding "Dude" or "Yeah, right" in the same setting. The books are fun though-- featuring the hapless Hiccup and his scrawny friend Fishlegs and their failed attempts to learn how to become Viking warriors. All of these Vikings have dragons (which they must steal from the Dragon Nursery themselves), and while "Toothless" is a funny name for Hiccup's fairly pathetic dragon, his friend chose the name Horrorcow for his. That's just all kinds of funny and wrong to me. Said dragon has all the fire and initiative of a cow, too. :0

New Reaper tomorrow night! Must record, since we'll be out of town. I'm still debating the recent developments in New Amsterdam. A discussion with another LJ friend tells me I'm not alone in this thinking:

The doctor is supposed to be the One True Love that John Amsterdam has waited centuries to find, and she... sleeps with him on the first "date"? While separated from her husband? And not because she thinks John is OMG so incredibly The One too but because he's attractive and persistent and seems pretty okay?

That just strikes me as very wrong, somehow. His One True Love is somebody who's shallow? Seriously? Amarita (guest victim) had more substance and seemed far more 'aligned' with him spiritually, by comparison.

*sigh* Meanwhile... I'm working on maintaining denial about how Coster-Waldau's accent is becoming more prominent as this series goes on. Ja, Jan...


And in case you haven't already seen it, a lovely Jensen/Jared OTP Manifesto by speakfree. That perked up my day! ♥

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