The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

I can hear the crickets...

Very quiet on LJ this week-- is everybody on Spring Break or something? We're not leaving until Thursday.

About to head to the gym today, with some of Christopher's library books (because someone has a "Hold" on them, darnit. They were due yesterday-- who knew?) I'm part way through How To Train Your Dragon and I've got How To Be A Pirate as well. And a Michael Connelly mystery if I finish both of those. Heaven knows, the good "junk magazine" selection is low these days. Kiplinger! Engineering Times! Now, how is that kind of reading a distraction from an hour on the elliptical trainer? Where are the copies of "People" and "Us"?

Cycling: Went past a usually empty paddock yesterday, and there was a horse and her galloping little foal! Very cute. I don't see as much wildlife on the near-office rides as I do out on the bike path. I've seen occasional egrets (once, a group of them flying overhead, which was awesome. Those wings are huge!) I've seen people's farm animals and sometimes loose dogs (!), and ducks and geese. One of my favorite weird moments was riding along a road with a drainage ditch where a duck was happily paddling around in the runoff water. I think it was confused. :0

On the bike path, I see lots of egrets (usually in fields or near still water, though lately I'm seeing them at a wide spot in the river and some of the egrets are small enough that I'm afraid they'll get swept away). At Goethe Park there is often a night crane/blue heron (can't tell them apart. I Googled "night crane" and got a lot of pictures of construction equipment in the dark, so that was no help). Lately, there are Canadian geese in that same park, often disturbingly near the bike path. Sometimes they take wing, and I'm afraid I'm going to get clipped in the head by a giant bird! :0 There are far too many squirrels, wild turkeys and deer along there now, and not very many little lizards (the turkeys are probably eating them). The California quail are very cute (especially the little egg-shaped babies), but they're mostly down at the bottom of the bike path (near the overflow pools) so I don't see them as often as I used to. I love the little brown cottontail bunnies, but those are rare-- jackrabbits are more common. I saw one a few weeks ago that was the approximate size of a corgi. :0

Tonight is American Idol, so maybe I'll get some writing done in the other room while Lauren watches that. Even through the closed door, though, the noise is kind of distracting! Crowd-screaming drives me nuts. Maybe I'm not cut out to be a girl, I don't know...

So, who among you has already bought Easter candy and gotten into it? I've personally fallen prey to the speckled malted-milkball eggs. :0

Tags: cycling

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