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Blogging Where I've Rarely Blogged Before...

This is the follow-up to that meme-thingy, where people offer topics for you to blog on that you otherwise likely would not.

For gatheringlight, who had entirely evil reasons for asking about this one, the last CD I bought:

I actually bought two at the same time, and will blather accordingly.

First, Boston (the title album by Boston with the spaceship on the cover). Given that you can download individual songs for a reasonable fee these days, I don't know why I didn't just download Side One! That's the only Boston my husband and I have ever liked-- thick, fantastic, sound with boiling guitars (I used that in an SPN drabble once, because it's true) on all three of the Side One songs. Side Two is "meh," and the song "Amanda" seems like a less-exciting mutation of "Peace Of Mind."

Second, Aerosmith's Greatest Hits. *Sigh* THIS was a missed individual download opportunity, definitely. One of my first must-have songs was "Dream On"-- a boyfriend finally gave me his jukebox copy of it on a 45 LP! I used to play it over and over, even though 45s are a pain in the butt. I also like "Walk This Way," and lurve "Sweet Emotion" (mainly the guitar chorus sound effect, dah-dah-dah-SCHWOOP--duh, duh-duh-duh, duh-duh-duh, dah-dah-dah-SCHWOOP--duh, duh-duh-duh, duh-duh-duh, with a nice syncopated rhythm). Guitar Hero 2 introduced me to "Last Child," and I thought, "Hey, what if there's all this undiscovered Aerosmith music I might really like?"

You know-- as happened with all the Led Zeppelin albums I bought years ago.

Except, NO. Track One is okay (but I can't remember its name!), and I can tolerate "Rag Doll." But I kind of hate "Love In An Elevator," and I SERIOUSLY HATE "Angel," which as I mentioned weeks ago I've been hearing on the gym radio and had always assumed was by some hair band. Gah!

So in fact, I should have just downloaded the four Aerosmith songs I actually like.

And? I'm afraid to listen to the second of the two discs!


For lampshade_days, my thoughts on country music-- which you should totally skip if you are a fan of that genre :

Okay... The two-second version is that I hate country music. HATE it. Always have.

I can't tolerate the basic sound of it at all-- neither the twanging guitars nor the caterwauling guitars. Most songs pretty much sound the same to me, as the style tends to override the melody (much the same as hip-hop/rap, which I also don't like).

In general, though, it's also true that I hate nasal singing and voices with a passion. About the only nasal things I can tolerate are oboes and English horns, but otherwise that type of sound drives me nuts. Case in point: I can't stand Alanis Morrisette, and I wonder if that would be true if she didn't sing through her nose so aggressively? My. God.

I occasionally like music that is on the borderline between country and something else. I like Chris Isaak, whose three earlier albums were more Rockabilly-oriented. I've actually knowingly bought k.d. lang albums that had country music on them, because her voice is incredible and for her I'm willing to consider it. We have some Cowboy Junkies albums (though their stuff really does all sound like the same song). However, Johnny Cash is too far over the line for me (my husband likes him, though). Similarly, there's some alternative music that is kind of rap/rock fusion that I like (Beck is a case in point).

And really, I don't care for the culture much-- not the clothes, not the "old-fashioned male/female relationships," none of it. I'm going to stop there before I start offending anyone!


For aeroport_art, my "type" in men:

I notice good-looking men the same as anyone, and the "ideal" body-type for me tends to be lean and muscled (Season One Sam Winchester, Wentworth Miller). And I tend to like the longer hair on guys rather than shorter, hair, though mostly I like what looks best on them (which is stubble for Went and long hair with bangs for Sam, and Season One Dean hair).

I totally miss the 70s, when men wore tight jeans and short-shorts. Because the baggy cargo shorts and crap are really unflattering. Case in point: we'd never even KNOW that Jensen has a great ass if he only ever dressed like Dean does. So disappointing.

But, this is only the physical part. So, assuming that a guy is nice-looking, while I'll notice other kinds of men on a sexual/hormonal level (Hello, Dean Winchester! Hello Dominic Purcell!), the type that's fatally attractive to me is... sweet.

Not doormat sweet (ideally not), but kind and thoughtful and unable to keep from being so.

Also, smart, good-sense of humor, good hygiene, non-materialistic are all ideal qualities for me, and low-to-moderate intensity in personality.

In other words, my husband!

And not someone like Jared, who although kind and funny and attractive and smart and sweet, comes off as incredibly high-intensity.

I once had a platonic friend in college that I could only spend a few hours with at a time, and then would have to get some separation. He was so intense that it just wore me down to be around him for too long. Basically, I had to recharge the batteries before I could deal with him again. :0

There was also this guy in Illinois that kept wanting to go out with me, and I had NO interest in him whatsoever. But apart from that, after about 5-10 minutes around him I was exhausted. He was stimulus-overload in human form.

I.e., my freakish personality traits did not overlap well with his.

So, more than any of you ever wanted to know, right? Although, no discussions of kids, biking, hedgehogs or household chores. ;)

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