The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors


First, here's something athrosknot will relate to... some boy passed a note in Christopher's 3rd-grade class yesterday to a girl he likes, and my husband worked Christopher up into making his affections known to the girl he likes (before some other boy gets to her first, presumably). So Christopher called up and wound up leaving a message of "I love you" for her on the answering machine, before collapsing with the emotional effort of it all. I don't know what my husband was thinking there-- the fallout from THAT's going to last awhile. She apparently called back later and asked, "Are you kidding?" Ah, the mysteries of puppy-love...

Okay. This meme has been going around as well, and why not? Hit me up!

Everyone has things they blog about. Everyone has things they don't blog about. Challenge me out of my comfort zone by telling me something I don't blog about, but you'd like to hear about, and I'll write a post about it. Ask for anything: latest movie watched, last book read, political leanings, thoughts on yaoi, favourite type of underwear, graphic techniques, etc. Repost in your own journal so that we can all learn more about each other.

Tags: meme, my_kids
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