The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Christopher did his school play last night and did not die. It was cute, a musical called "Vacation To Mars." There have been some revisions over the years, especially recently. There are now only "Eight Great Planets!" in one song's refrain, and the Jupiter "16 Moons" song is now "64 Moons." Pluto's role has also changed drastically: "Go back to your orbit where you belong." "One of these days I'll leave, and then you'll miss me. You'll see— you won't have Pluto to kick around anymore!"

Next week we'll have a mini-vacation in Santa Cruz (beach and boardwalk with rides). We go every 2 years, and I keep trying to find motels in Santa Clara until my husband corrects me. Want to guess which 80's movie is responsible for THAT piece of wrong information I can't get out of my brain?

Dreaming: Last night I had a doozy, a Supernatural-episode dream. Sam was very hard-edged and kept avoiding and ignoring Dean (awwww), the boys spent too much time apart (away from their really fancy multi-room popup tent with running water), and some previous villains returned (many back from the dead). I became a character in the episode at one point (looking as awful on camera as I actually would), the villain became un-supernatural and was in fact someone from my office with a gun (Oh Paolo, how could you?). Eventually, Sam and Dean kind of wandered out of their own show (like any episode of Smallville these last few years). Oh, and part of the whole reason for this was for a class where there was going to be a test on all of it later (just like every joke-threat you've ever heard). At least the test was take-home...

Law & Order, Criminal Intent: So, I still don't like Alicia Witt in this. She looks and sounds twelve (god, her voice), and I don't think neo-goth is appropriate work dress for a police detective. But more to the point... on the alternate cast version, we left Detective Goren strapped down to a table in the psych ward of a prison. WHERE'S THE FOLLOWUP EPISODE? It was a cliff-hanger, where what— a helicopter came by off-camera and he's out again? W.T.F?

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