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Recs 'R Us

Thursday always seems to be an iffy day for Supernatural folks—either the show is on (*squee*) or the show is not on (*grump*). So I'm offering a few multi-fandom recs to take the edge off.

Poor Sam works through a series of lametastic vessel-assignments from the Devil in alazysod's Five Weird Vessels Sam Had To Use. Not only is this funny, but the conversation with corporateSuckupWannabe Ted is pure gold in its hilarious awfulness.

I can't imagine anyone who didn't see missyjack's hilarious "Nipple-gate" post, but if you missed it then now's the time to remedy that. Well-supported crack, with evidence, is the very best kind.

If you have a soft spot for Bobby (and who doesn't?), then this drabble by iamstealthyone will just about kill you. The drabble is funny and cute, but those last lines are 100% Bobby in the best and most unexpected way.

Die Hard 4 fandom, of interest to all slash fans:
For an interesting perspective on a "guy" view of romance (especially in a m/m setting), try Different Names For The Same Thing (John/Matt, R) by gemjam. It's not always the obvious things—even the ones a guy admits to himself—that are romantic. Sometimes it's the way you change for another person, the things you now look forward to that you didn't before…

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