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Monthly Fic Roundup (Jan and Feb)

I never did get around to this for January, BUT I didn't write much in January compared to my usual. So now's as good a time as any. :D

All the ladies with February birthdays kept me busy, as you can see...

Supernatural Gen:
In The Hotseat (PG-13, Humor, Crossover)— Dean vs. Detective Goren of L&O: CI for heliokleia's birthday. \o/
Snowzilla (PG-13, Humor)— All-dialogue fic for winterlive's birthday.
Supernatural vs. The Chicken (PG, Humor)— Pretty much a cracktastic take on "why the chicken crossed the road."
Killer Treez (PG, Humor)— For spn_christmas, at a Christmas Tree Farm, the trees. Are. ALIVE!
Desperation, Mirrored (PG, Angst)— S3 post-"Mystery Spot" drabble for dhvana's birthday.
Be Your Hero (PG, Humor, Angst)— S3 post-"Mystery Spot" drabble for kiraboshi's birthday. Yes, both humor AND angst.
At The Edge Of Forever (PG, Angst)— Another S3 Post-"Mystery Spot" drabble, this one on Break for dotfic's birthday.
Golden Treasure (G)— Wee!Chester drabble on "yellow" for iamstealthyone's birthday.
The Deadliest Jewel (PG)— Bobby and Ruby, for mercurybard's birthday.
A Roadside Wonderland (PG)— cozy drabble on "White Christmas" for pheebs1

Supernatural Slash:
This Ain't No Red-Heart Romance (NC-17)— First-time Wincest for spn_first_time Valentine's Day challenge.
And You Shall Save Me (PG)— Dreamy, layered, S3 fairy-tale drabble for sade_lyrate's birthday.
Eyes Of Green (PG, Angsty)— Wincest drabble on "Green."
Burning For You (PG-13)— Steamy Wincest drabble for eponin10's birthday.

Prison Break Gen/Other:
Walking In Your Shoes (PG, Michael and Little LJ)— Bittersweet bonding in Lincoln's absence.
Get Out Of My Mirror! (PG, Crack)— Lincoln and ?? from Season 3, where the Crack is utterly deserved. For rosie_spleen's birthday.
Prison Break vs. The Chicken (PG, Humor)— More crack on "why the chicken crossed the road", Prison Break-style.

Prison Break Slash:
A Place To Rest (PG-13, Schmoop)— Quiet "Paradise" AU happiness for mooyoo's birthday.
And This You Owe Me (PG-13, Dark-ish)— M/L post-escape standalone: Lincoln owes Michael, and they both know it...
A Distant Mirage (Mahone/Michael) (NC-17, Angst)— My pbfic_exchange2 story, and my only fic involving this popular pairing.

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