The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Another Weekend Down The Tubes...

Thanks to everyone who left such lovely testimonials for me over at strippedpink's meme on Friday. Your sweetness and generosity bowl me over. :)

I'd planned to do more ficcing this weekend, but kept falling asleep when the time came (including last night). Finished a last foxriver_fic challenge piece by agonizing force of will Sunday night—after restarting midway because a tidbit of canon finally floated up from the 'net and torqued my plot. :0

Cycling: It's bee season again. :( Also squirrel season. :0 Give me strength…

Running: Saturday was a little windy, and the run was so incredibly draining that I quit about 10 yards early. Surprise— I was still under 36 minutes! It's nice to be exhausted because you're moving faster instead of because you're lame.

Rewatched Surf's Up with the kids, and I still think the first 30 minutes of it are genius. The penguin petroglyphs! The mockumentary approach! Cannibal penguins! We also started Pirates Of The Carribean III once the kids went to bed (PG-13 my ass), but started to ZZZzzzzzz... I seriously hate that 9pm witching-hour thing I've got going.

I meant to do some yard work on Sunday, but we had an unexpected windstorm. *sigh* I got to it today instead, doing general cleanup outside the living room window and pruning stuff back. The butterfly bush in the corner went from half-falling over (last year) to pushing up dirt with its roots. Grrr… I am seriously disappointed in that plant. So I cut off dead stuff and unsatisfactory parts, and the only good thing is that butterfly bushes are so brittle I can break those trimmings to pieces with my bare hands. Hah! PH3AR ME! PH333333ARRR! Oops. Heh heh. Too much?

ETA: Supernatural will have a fourth season! \o/

Tags: cycling, movies, running

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