The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Tuesday already?

Got most of our cookie deliveries done this weekend in spite of on/off stormy weather (thank goodness for the little red wagon and waterproof tablecloths to cover it).

We watched Driving Lessons on DVD (Rupert Grint, Laura Linney, Julie Walters), which was okay. Good movie for Rupert, he played a very sweet young man who was emotionally bullied by his overly-dependent-on-him mother and then his semi-looney employer. Though his mother sheltered him too much, the innocence seemed to be part of his basic nature. Hence, I was disturbed for him when he came across someone he respected who was passed-out drunk, and kind of weirded-out when a young woman in her 20's came on to him. Which also made no sense-- he rarely spoke, so he had the approximate personality of a lump. And he was definitely too 'young' (of course, I'm personally OLD), so that creeped me out.

Saw Vantage Point in the theater, which was better than I expected. They picked a poor method to emphasized the movie's gimmick (not so bad the first time, but sucko the other 6 times). I liked the story, though, and Forrest Whitaker and Dennis Quaid FTW! Also William Hurt and Sigourney Weaver. Talk about a bunch of talented older actors who aren't getting enough work... :(

Oscars: Did not watch! Do not care! I love movies, but I soured on the Oscars years ago when it became clear how political so many of the choices were (such as, "BCD's performance was by far the best, but we really like XYZ and we wish he'd gotten an Oscar years ago so we'll vote for him instead.") Bah.

Read some fabulous Die Hard 4 John/Matt fics at hard4brains, and did a little writing (not that fandom, though). Wish it had been more! Monday was Teh Suck-- too many errands and too much chauffering, and we cancelled the kids' daycare since my husband's disability is going long-term now. So the kids are home a lot more, and I can't concentrate for beans.

Minor mea culpa: I must now admit, for those of you following along at home, that Sister Hedgie really IS fatter than Random Relative Hedgie, based on some Friday Night scrutiny. I see it now, and I'm disturbed that I didn't see it before! deadbeat_nymph is going to laugh at me, I know it...

My nose: has been stuffed-up for most of the last month, and I'm starting to think about that surgery I said "No" to a couple of years back. *hopes it goes away*

Tags: movies, my_kids

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