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SPN 3x12 reaction

My squee is still standing on the sidelines a little bit today, in part because who the heck was that in the Henriksen suit?

The previous times we saw Henriksen, he was smart, thorough, and his manner was very deliberate. Within the first few sentences out of his mouth tonight, he was speaking twice as fast and in dialect, and where did all of that come from? It doesn't even seem like the same character! :(

And at the high level, though I loved the comic moments and such, I feel like I'm lucky to have survived the incredible onslaught of anvils marked "Dean and Henriksen are practically the same person!" and "Dean is now the show's moral compass" and "Ooh, Sam is eviller now" and all the other things fans have been talking about for months. It's bad enough that they're anvils, but for lots of us this isn't new information.

Also, the virgin secretary with the rosary AND the Virgin Mary figurine on the desk (because all of that's really common in her age group nowadays) was practically the Giantest Plot Widget Ever next to Evohl-Bela-Stole-The-Colt-And-Sicced-Henriksen-On-The-Boys. Ow, ow, ow!

Plus, I was offended that her virginity was made some big freaking public deal out of, like she was an albino unicorn never seen before, like the idea of being a virgin at her age was the dumbest idea ever to hit this century.

Not to mention Dean's asstastic reaction to it, which it seems to me impugns his character unnecessarily. I realize that sex is the be-all end-all for Dean, but that doesn't mean he assumes that's true for everyone else. His knee-jerk reaction was very much Dean, but the way he kept going on about it means he didn't re-think it. And oddly enough, Dean does re-think a lot of the time. He doesn't personally want to advertise that to you (or Sammy), but he does it.

So having thought about this some more since last night, I have a few things to add and I might as well bulletize. You know you'd do it too!

The Good
* The fact that we got to see Henriksen again.
* Henriksen's future cover story for the boys (which he probably didn't get to make official, though).
* Holy-water swirly (gross, but points for creativity!)

The Bad
* Henriksen likely being dead. :( Yes, I said "likely." *is in denial still*
* WTF with the spelling of Henriksen? Why the ultra-Norwegian version? See => this <= icon? My point exactly. Bwah-ha-ha!
* Bela. Again. She's the all-purpose plot-device for the season.
* Bela's calling Henriksen down on the boys was beyond her usual amorality-- it was malicious.
* Katie Cassidy's acting in this episode.
* Virgin!Nancy suddenly decides that her remaining a virgin was silly, and she's going to sleep with half the town now. And she says it out loud. WTF? What's next, a rosary-burning?
* The red-hair/black-eyes combo is creepy, creepy I tell you, and it's bad enough that there are real people who look like this! *Is weirded out by Alice Krige and Will Patton for this reason*

The "Meh" and the "Huh?"
* The boys' tattoos. It's pragmatic and probably overdue, but I personally dislike tattoos a lot, and putting those big ugly symbols on those beautiful bodies... ugh. :(
* Dean, it IS possible to take wider steps in that particular set of chains. Just sayin'.
* Given the quantity of toilet-holy-water and how it seems to burn the demons, why did Henriksen's demon hang on so long and why wasn't the Handsome seared off the man? Not that I actually wanted that last part to happen...

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