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Links and Thinks...

After posting that "Sam and Dean build a snowman" story yesterday, I hunted down a link to share with all of you: A Calvin And Hobbes Snowart Gallery. SO many of my favorites are there. :)

I finished "The End" (the last book in The Series Of Unfortunate Events), and I have this to say: Mr. Snicket, you owe me another book. You didn't finish your story arc! Gah. I also finished "S Is For Silence" in the Kinsey Milhone series. This last book wanders through viewpoints other than the main character, which is new. I have mixed feelings about it; the book started with some unknown person's POV, and I didn't like that snippet much, so it took ages for the story to catch fire with me. But once it did, I couldn't put it down...

At the gym a couple of weeks back, I read some interesting things in January's Outdoor Magazine. Which were not online to share with you, darn it!

The first was a jokey article on whether a President's physical fitness is a good thing (FDR vs. Duh-bya shows the irrelevance), featuring a pretend chart on wrestling faceoffs with players like Franklin "The Lacerator" Roosevelt and George "The Chopper" Washington. Although Lincoln advances fairly far in the fake chart, Nixon takes it all! The moral: don't mess with posterity, I guess.

The second I will sum up as "Oh No-- Volcano!" Lots of great detail on volcanoes around the world and why lava is the least of volcanic worries, and how Mt. Rainier (Hi, Barb!) and the Three Sisters (my favorite hiking area in Oregon) are in line to blow big. Also mentions something in Yellowstone that's so flattened-out it doesn't even look like a caldera. The bubbling in its lake is the only remaining clue. Summary: Doomed! Eventually, anyway.

The hardware bringup area across my cubicle wall is still active (ie., full of yapping men), so I'm listening to a lot of CDs. Yesterday was Tchaikovsky's 4th Symphony and today is Bruckner's 4th Symphony, both with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Sir Georg Solti. The Chicago brass section is orgasmic with the right opportunity, and these pieces definitely fit the bill. :0

Supernatural tonight! \o/ Please let this be a good one, especially after the level of awesome we got last week.

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