The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

The Weekend That Was...

Christopher returned safely from his 3-day field trip, and he did in fact have a wonderful time, surviving despite his homesickness fears. He didn't actually take Baby Hedgie with him— my husband was afraid Hedgie would get lost, so Christopher took Sister Hedgie instead. This makes no sense to me— why take anything at that point? Oh well. Sister Hedgie (Christopher insists it was her and not Random Relative Hedgie, though you can see from this post that they look exactly the same) was dubbed "Chunky" by the other kids (Huh. Maybe he's right— he says Sister Hedgie is fatter). She was tossed around a bit, and when they discovered she chitters if you squeeze her tummy, she became even more popular.

Saturday night the grownups watched The Wendell Baker Story on DVD, which was better than we'd expected. It has coots in it, and we both have a weakness for coots— that's one of the reasons we like Return To Me, which is otherwise a romantic comedy. But full of quality coots! Sunday we watched about half of Once, and paused because we were both getting sleepy (missed some of the middle of the other movie too). I like the original music, but the fact that the movie plays the entire song each time and eventually it's wall-to-wall people playing songs makes me think they were really going for soundtrack sales rather than the story. Who knows— we'll see after we've finished it.

Sunday was kids' basketball— pictures (2 different times) and then games (ditto). Both kids' teams were playing for first place in their division, and the games were nailbiters. Lauren's game was incredibly low-scoring, just 18-12, and her team won (their only loss was to this team weeks back). Christopher's team went up early, and then struggled not to get blown out by the other team (losing by only 6-7 points). At some point, I realized that all of our tall players (including Christopher) are 3rd graders, and for the other team... 4th graders. What a difference that one year makes in ball smarts. :0 We only have two 4th graders on our team anyway, and Sunday we really suffered for it. Ouch.

Not much writing this past week— I've been increasing my anti-depressant dosage, but it's a multiple-times-a-day medication, and the schedule I picked did not work. The doubling of the mid-afternoon dose led to 9:30 dozing on the couch like clockwork. Yikes— this is worse than letting a cat get onto your lap after 9pm, which is a guaranteed formula for unplanned snoozing. I'm trying a new schedule now...

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