The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Trashy Mysteries and Sneaky Children

New Supernatural! Like you didn't already know that. But still! \o/

What I'm Reading: after yesterday's post, you all know I'm not reading the book with the unfortunate werejaguar appearance (groan). That was supposed to be my next gym book! Gym books have to be paperbacks (for one-handed reading), which is a tad limiting. I'm finishing Patricia Cornwell's At Risk (mystery), which I like the style of very much— it goes into various character POVs, revealing things along the way about the other characters. I used to really like her Kay Scarpetta series, until the MarySue genius lesbian niece started taking over. There's another series about a female officer and police chief, but those never struck a chord with me. At home, I'm reading The End— the last in The Series Of Unfortunate Events. *is so not ready for that to be over* I've got a pile of future books by the bed, but I try not to read sexy stuff (Supernatural Slash Anthology), weepy stuff (My Sister's Keeper) or funny stuff (I Am America, And So Can You) right before sleeping. I need some new trashy mysteries. :0

Christopher was out sick yesterday while I worked at home, and he mentioned that one of his homework assignments was nature observation. I said he could do that in the yard— we had lots of plants and bugs out there.
Christopher: "Yeah, but I'd have to get dressed and put my shoes on and brush my hair."
Me: "I don't think your hair really needs brushing for that."
Christopher: "I could just duck down low where people can't see me."

About ten minutes later, a flash of red went by the window and I realized he was sneaking around outside with shoes on over his footie jammies— which was not what I'd agreed to! *forehead slap*

Is it love? As I left the gym today, the automatic towel dispenser tried to flirt with me by offering me a towel when I went past it. ;)

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