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16 January 2008 @ 02:42 pm
Mememememe Meme!  
Because I can't focus on a darn thing today. Might as well steal this sucker from happywriter06:

List all your fandoms, have your friends pick one and tell them:

1. The first character I fell in love with:
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:
3. The character everyone else loves that I don't:
4. The character I love that everyone else hates:
5. The character I would sex up or make out with anytime:
6. The character I'd want to be like:
7. The character I'd slap:
8. A pairing that I love:
9. A pairing that I despise:
10. Favorite character:
11. What are your five favorite things about your fandom?
12. What are your five least favorite things about your fandom?
13. Who are your five favorite characters?
14. Who are your five least favorite characters?
15. What are your five favorite pairings?
16. What are your five least favorite pairings?
17. Which character are you most like?
18. What is your deep, dark fandom secret?

My Fandoms (that I claim, anyway). Asterisked ones are in the comments below:
**Prison Break
**House, M.D.
Reaper (pretty new)
**The Shield
**Queer As Folk (S1 only)
Smallville (mostly dead to me now)
**Arrested Development
**Simpsons-- can I put a cartoon show on the list?
Did I miss anything obvious? My brain is like a sieve.

ETA: Do I have any deep, dark fandom secrets? I thought most of my opinions were well-known. And in a couple of them, boy-- it'll be hard to find five pairings. Unless I get random, like Dean/Metallicar and Dean/Wall and Michael/Heartache. Maybe I'll throw in the Gen pairings too.

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The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors: Sam & Dean Genhalfshellvenus on January 19th, 2008 12:42 am (UTC)
And I'm glad they decided to close that storyline
Me too, just to avoid having SamHunting Gordon on our tail all season. There was the pain and irony of what happened to him, and oh how I loved the way the episode showed how what he saw/heard changed because he'd been 'turned.'

Though I have to admit that Ruby and Bella don't rub me the wrong way anymore.
I really disliked seeing Ruby in every episode for awhile there, and Bela turned up too soon again for my tastes. It just felt so "force-fed," and I hate the network interference in the show as it is!

There's a certain undeniable charm to him, no doubt about it.
Much of which I think is how JDM played him, because he could as easily (based on the facts of the character alone) been someone that the fans hated. He's damaged the boys a lot, without meaning to, and then there was his ultimatum to Sam regarding college. Without the humanity of the portrayal, he'd come off very differently.

Bobby-- the way he works sarcasm and such cracks me up. But his genuine caring for the boys clinches the deal. And the YED-- oh, how I loved that portrayal!

Sarge/Death... *glee*
I SO wanted him to escape successfully, and was really disappointed that he didn't. I had a nearly-finished fic for him written for super_summer's 'Croatoan' week, but it just didn't feel like it altogether worked. *kicks it*