November 8th, 2021


Idol Minor+ : "History Mystery"

History Mystery
idol minor+ | week 2 | 368 words


“So, way, high up in the Himalayan mountains, there’s this lake,” Max was saying. “And it’s full of, like, dead people and stuff, but no one knows how they got there. I mean, it could be that aliens left them –”

“They didn’t,” Zack said.

“—or they all got some kind of killer disease—”

“No.” Zack punched a key on his laptop and squinted at the display.

“—or maybe poison gas came up from the ground and—”

“No.” Zack said.

“Stop saying ‘no’ to everything!” Max said. “You don’t know how it happened. Nobody does.”

“I know it wasn’t aliens,” Zack snorted. “That’s just dumb.”

“Not everyone thinks aliens are fake, you know. There’s all kinds of stuff about them—”

On the internet, yeah, yeah, whatever... But you’d better not put it in your paper, not if you want a decent grade on it.”

“Fine,” Max said grudgingly.

He printed out a copy of his work and started going over it with a highlighter pen, marking all the parts that needed changing. “Since you know so much,” Max said, “what’s your theory on how all those dead people wound up in that lake? I mean, it’s not like they were all traveling along a trade route or a busy roadway. Why are there so many of them down there?”

Zack shrugged and typed for a few seconds. “I think it was probably weather-related,” he finally said. “People traveling on the hills above the lake got surprised by extreme cold or sudden snow storms, and they froze to death. And then snowmelt and gravity did the rest.”

“Huh.” Max sat back and stopped highlighting. “I could see that happening.”

“Exactly!” Zach said.

“Okay, so what are you doing your paper on, then?” Max asked. “What’s your Unsolved Mystery from History?”

“The Great Pyramids of Egypt,” Zach said.

“What? Nooooo! You can’t write about the pyramids—everyone’ll pick them.”

“Because they’re awesome,” Zach said. “Obviously.”

“Okay, fine. So, you’re focusing on the big stones then, and how the Egyptians were able to move them?”

“Yeah,” Zack nodded.

“And your theory is?”

Zack spread his arms open wide. “That was definitely aliens.”

“Hey!” Max said.