April 12th, 2021


Here is an incredibly awesome thing!

I've been wanting to post this info for almost a month now, but got sidelined by Idol craziness and the likelihood that my original link was probably behind a paywall. :O This might all normally be obsolete by now, but apparently this thing is on the move. And possibly also exists in parallel? Anyway, I can practically hear my browser groaning in relief that I'm finally putting this in an official entry:

Firefox: At last, you have unlocked my feet and allowed me to escape this prison!
Me: It was ONE OPEN TAB, geez.
Firefox: It was an eternity of obligation!

I never knew I wanted this, but from the pictures, it is clearly something I need deep in my soul: the Immersive Van Gogh digital art shows. Wow. I wonder how long I would be allowed to stay in each room before they kicked me out? I mean,

Starry Night Over The Rhone

Starry Night

I need to BE in all that BLUE. Oh, mommy! *dies*

Let us not even get into my Starry Night-themed Kindle cover, phone cover, tote bag, umbrella, re-usable shopping bag, earrings, coffee mug (originally HSH's), user-pic, or the skater-skirt I bought our daughter when she was about 13. And why must I be cursed with a figure that has NEVER looked good in an A-Line Skirt?

It's not an obsession. It's an... exuberant devotion? \o?